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Adriana Varela: the goddaughter of the Polish

Adriana Varela is one of the great voices of our tango. His career began under the patronage of Roberto Goyeneche
| 05 October, 2019 |

Beatriz Adriana Lichinchi was a phonoaudiologist from Avellaneda. But he liked to sing. His thing, at first, was rock. Until he fell madly in love with tango: it all started when he heard Roberto Goyeneche in the film Sur, by Pino Solanas. Later, Néstor Marconi invited her to sing in a bar and there she was “discovered” by none other than Polaco himself, who became his godfather. And so was born Adriana Varela.

In 1986, Juan Alberto Badía made her debut with Oscar Cardozo Ocampo, with themes by Alejandro del Prado and Pablo Milanés. In 1991 he edited his first album, Tangos, by the label Melopea by Litto Nebbia, followed by of Makeup (1993) and Perverse Hearts (1994).

Thus began a career that led her to sing at the biggest festivals and theaters in the world: Barbicam Center in London, Liceu in Barcelona, Parco della Música of Rome, Colón de Buenos Aires, Albéniz de Madrid, among others in Portugal, Greece, Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Mexico.

He shared the stage with renowned figures such as Liza Minelli, Joan Manuel Serrat, Joaquín Sabina, Roberto Goyeneche, the Sexteto Mayor, Leopoldo Federico, Jaime Roos, Cacho Chestnut, Attil Stampone, El Cigala, among many others.

About 10 years ago, in a survey conducted by the newspaper Clarín, she was recognized by the public as the most popular tango artist after Gardel and along with Goyeneche. The convocation, validity and prestige of Adriana Varela only confirm this.

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