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Welcome the curves, welcome everything natural, welcome the love of the body as it is.
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Bienvenidas las curvas, bienvenido todo lo natural,
02 November, 2019

The standards of female beauty have has been changing throughout history, and that fluctuation continues. The era digital and technology have accelerated this change, which we can see in the media and on the streets very clearly for about 5 years.

During the 16th century it was desirable to have a clear, round skin all over the body, because that was an indication that a woman was healthy and did not need work for a living. And from there we saw great aesthetic changes, always considered “the desirable”. Skeletal bodies, unbreathable belts, oil implants in the body, bronzers to make the skin orange and golden… A constant change, driven by the media, that always put the woman instead of the object of desire, always in search of acceptance, of the love, of success.

So we arrived at the gates of 2020 with a very different understanding, not only of feminine beauty but of the seification of women. Women get tired of being objects of desire, to change to please another, to “fix ourselves” as the spot of Falabella without being broken. Even the term “beauty” has changed so much that today it is decoded in a totally different way.

Today what reigns is the acceptance of one’s own body, healthy eating without looking at the balance. And the curves are back to exalt round hips, strong legs, royal waistlines and naturally filled necklines in good health.

But how is it that a paradigm shift It happens? Is anyone responsible for this? The reality is that there are no responsible direct of a change in the way of thinking of the world’s population, but we can identify some factors or actors as an “active part” of this Over.

One factor is the weary. Years and years of unsustainable diets, shattered self-esteems, cigarettes and slimming pills cultivated that weary. Beauty brands began daring to show other styles of beauty — and were very successful — as is the case with Dove or Avon. And media culture also makes its contribution. Pop culture stars like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Adele, with their impact on millions of women, have their share of responsibility in this wonderful change.

So welcome the curves, welcome all natural, welcome the love of the body as it is. Paradoxically…. men have begun to become increasingly obsessed by their skin, the angle of your beards and apply makeup.

Change…. Everything changes. And in this case, We breathe relieved girls. Let’s celebrate we’re on a good streak.

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