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Abi González: talent and experience for our folklore

An artist of great formation, Abi González has become a reference in this popular music. We invite you to meet
Abi González se ha convertido en un referente de esta música popular.
| 13 September, 2019 |

Abi González has become a reference in our folklore. His relationship with art began as a dancer of Folkloric Dance. He joined the Ballet Municipal de Azul (Province of Buenos Aires), his hometown, with which he toured Europe.

Back in Buenos Aires, he continued musical training studying Composition at Maimónides University and then singing at the Manuel de Falla Conservatorio Superior de Música. In addition, he trained in a particular way with artists such as Magdalena León, Andrés Pilar and Chiqui Ledesma.

Enjowed in his knowledge, he decided to form Abi González Group as a way in which to translate his musical proposal. In 2014 he faced the production of his first album, “RUECA”. Simultaneously he had the opportunity to be part of the stable project Willy González Trio, as singer and guitarist. Under the direction of Willy González, an indisputable reference of the genre, Abi González had the opportunity to deepen its growth with this experience.

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