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A concert that everyone will talk about

Graciela Di Palma presents a unique concert, where, together with three other women, they will perform an incredible tribute to
realizarán un homenaje increíble al gran maestro Astor Piazzolla.
31 October, 2019

Graciela Di Plama presents a concert that will be a tribute to the Italian-Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla . One of the geniuses of our time . A revolutionary. Practically a daredevil, which merged purist tango with classical music and jazz. Thus generating love and hatred among the public and critics of his time.

Graciela Di Palma brings us a show of excellence, with musical arrangements by the prestigious pianist Marplatense Horacio Soria. And the musical direction of the Argentinian Tomás Puig (lyrical singer of the Choir of the Generalitat Valenciana).

A really fabulous repertoire. Where he will recreate his most interpreted and loved works all over the world. In addition to very intimate pieces and some surprise that very few have heard.

Accompanied by a trio of talented women. Gathering Colombian Daniela Ocampo at the piano. From Paraguay, violinist Alejandra Cabañas. And Spaniard Angela del Castillo on the double bass. And of course she’s in the voice, Graciela Di Palma. Cultural Ambassador of the Society Dante Alighieri. Born in Argentina and daughter of Italians.

Four women, who put into action, will leave the public petrified in their seats!

All data about this event in our Agenda.

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