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6 tangos by Tita Merello

The tango lady par excellence has an extensive repertoire that she left as a legacy. Today we chose 6 tangos
6 tangos por Tita Merello
| 03 November, 2019 |

The imprint that a strong woman leaves on her journey through life is indelible. If we talk about strong Argentine women , Tita Merello is one of the first names that come to mind. Because he was born with nothing in his favor and turned his lack into success. Because it was made alone, from below, in the world of tango dominated by men, in an era in our history in which independent women had no place.

By all that, today we want to pay tribute to her by recalling 6 themes from her repertoire. We wait to enjoy them.

1. It’s about me.

“ It is says that I am fierce, that I am walking to the evil, that I am crooked and that I move with an air buddy”, sings to the screams Tita Merello, and covers the mouths of the they criticize. A milonga of Francisco Canaro that we all hummed.

2. Passion Flare

Composite by herself and with music by Héctor Stamponi, was dedicated to her partner Luis Mr. Sandrini.

3. Boy well

Other classic Canaro, the lyrics go perfectly with the style of Merello.

4. Arrabal Tree

From The film of the same name, from 1950, is a tango by Cátulo Castillo y Piana. “Arrabbelera, like a vine flower that grew up in the alley…”.

5. The Milonga and I

Milonga composed in 1968 for Tita Merello, who premiered it in the film Eso es alegría, by director Enrique Carreras.

6. The Choclo

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