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10 women of national rock

They rock her, too. There are many more, but today we want to pay tribute to these 10 women of
| 28 September, 2019 |

They rock her, too. There are many more, but today we want to pay tribute to these 10 women of Argentine national rock.

Maria Gabriela Epumer

Guitarist, bassist and singer-songwriter, he was part of one of Charly García‘s most chaotic formations. Then he set up his own band called A1. In more than 15 years of career he joined the bands Rouge, Viuda e Daughters de Roque Enroll, La Montecarlo Jazz Ensamble, Las Chicas and the duo Suitcase de Loca. He died at 39 years of age due to cardiorespiratory arrest due to pulmonary edema.

Maria Rosa Yorio

She was a chorus of Sui Generis, and became a female voice of PorSuigieco. In 1980 he began his solo career and was supported by Alejandro Lerner. She was a couple of Charly García, with whom she had a son (Miguel García). Then, he was in pairs with Nito Mestre. It was one of those who started the way for other female voices to appear in the movement.

Celeste Carballo

He began his career singing blues in the group Alter Ego. In 1982 he recorded his first album, which was a real success: I’m going crazy every day. In 1985 he left the folk-blues and formed a punk band produced by Charly García. Then he set up shows with Sandra Mihanovich and Ludovica Squirru. It is considered one of the most powerful voices of Argentine national rock.

Sandra Mihanovic

In December 1981 he recorded Puerto Pollensa, his first album. It was formed by songs that came singing with different musicians he had met in the pubs where he played: Marilina Ross, Horacio Fontova, Celeste Carballo and Rubén Rada, among others. On October 2, 1982, she became the first woman to sing at Obras Stadium. In total, 20 albums have been edited.

Fabiana Cantilo

Singer, dancer, actress, painter and sculptor. In his entire career he sold more than 6 million records. He joined the group Los Twist together with Pipo Cipolatti and recorded vocals for Charly García’s first solo album. Oh, can

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