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This idea is born from the restlessness of the BEING, a word that summarizes the existence in itself and the sense of individual and collective belonging. The fact of forming a social group within the same physical and territorial space, with cultural values that identify us and define our idiosyncrasies, leads us to seek the reasons for our essence.

For this we must go back to the origin of our race, to the men and women who have known how to build a plural, free and just space. Also the place where we live, the time of conception and the trace of episodes that over time have marked a path.

It is not easy to explain how we are, without first recognizing the crossroads of diverse cultures, languages and ethnicities; a historical process in the struggle for geo-political interests that gave rise to the birth of our beloved Argentina, whose growth and maturity summons us to forge our own destiny and that of our successors.

Our challenge from this space, in Ser Argentino, is to summon them together, to unite a way of being, a way of feeling, thinking and acting that gives us a sense of belonging and in which we can share our emotion and pride with the whole world.