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Manifesto and Commitment

"Hear mortals the sacred cry, freedom, freedom, freedom"

No one better than us to build a space that manages to unite the best of culture, expression and freedom.

"Hear the noise of broken chains, see the throne to noble equality, and to their dignified throne, the united southern provinces have opened"

To get to where we are today, we have had to endure thousands of battles that brought us to the long-awaited democracy, which we must take care of and unite as brothers, to defend our ideals.

"And the free people of the world respond, to the great Argentine people, health, to the great Argentine people, health"

Let us toast, for being doers of that longing of our ancestors, who once dreamed of the consolidation of the homeland, understanding today, that our young society must overcome the difficulties that arise and show the world our mettle, that we will not lower our arms and that we are more alive than ever (because although we complain a lot - deep down - we know that there is no country like ours).

"Let the laurels be eternal, that we knew how to achieve, that we knew how to achieve, crowned with glory let us live"

Each stumble, each fall is a new learning, a mark that reminds us of the achievement of having gone one step further, of a walk that allows us to grow healthy and strong.

"Ooh let us swear with glory die, ooh let us swear with glory die, ooh let us swear with glory die"

Our commitment to give our best, in a cry united by the pride of TO BE ARGENTINE.

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