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Peña Yasta Sumaj: pies, wine and folklore

Very close to the Termas de Río Hondo, in Santiago del Estero, we find Yasta Sumaj, a typical Santiago courtyard.
Santiago del Estero
Peña Yasta Sumaj: empanadas, vino y mucho folklore
08 July, 2019

Yasta Sumaj means “cute place” in Quichua language. And that meaning is literal. This traditional folk rock is located in the vicinity of the Hot springs of Río Hondo, in Santiago del Estero. It is a typical patio in Santiago where you can taste local dishes accompanied by live music.

Patties, tamales, chivito, roast, sucker, golden are some of the options. And, of course, a rich wine. The evening ends up being fantastic thanks to the rhythms of our land: a chacarera, a cat, a Zamba. If one cheers up, it is even possible to spend the dance post.

Yasta Sumaj is the typical courtyard of Santiago, which opens its doors so that the tourist can sit one more. Do not miss this experience on your next visit to the Termas de Río Hondo.

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