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El Chiflón Provincial Park: Behind the Traces of Time

El Chiflón Provincial Park, in La Rioja, offers testimony to previous geological ages, true treasures worth knowing.
La Rioja
12 August, 2019

El Chiflón Provincial Park invites us to go back in time until moments long before our existence. Located in La Rioja, this is a protected natural area with an important landscape, geological and cultural value. Over the years, erosive agents have sculpted a significant variety of geoforms, framed in a mountainous landscape.

146 km from the capital city of the province, El Chiflón belongs to the Talampaya- Ischigualasto. Its colors, the presence of pre-Hispanic vestiges and its history introduce us to one of the most complete geological accounts in the world. Through its paths we can identify the sedimentation processes that gave rise to this set of geological formations.

Remains of petrified logs, sandstones carved by wind erosion, fossilized wood, stones of various colors, petroglyphs, community mortars and a succession of 14 circular and semicircular enclosures that served as pucarás for the native inhabitants are some of the wonders that we can find.

El Chiflón Provincial Park is a must-see within the geological circuit in La Rioja, which dazzles with the marks that the past has left in it.

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