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Plant-based food: 3 influencers you need to know

Here are three accounts of nutritionists who guide you on the path of plant-based feeding.

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Little by little, the horizon is widening in terms of   feeding   . There are no longer absolute gods or undisputed enemies. Little by little, we're learning that the important thing is   the relationship we have with food   , the quality of the food we choose, and not so much the amount of calories we consume. In this new universe, with alternatives for all,   plant-based feeding   comes to face them decades and decades of   sacralization of meat and animal protein   . There are other ways. And those of us who choose to walk that road need a guide. That is why today we introduce you to   3 influencers   who spend their days raising awareness about a way of conceiving food, where plants are the protagonists.


  What is plant-based feeding?  

As the name suggests,   plant-based (or centered) feeding   (in English,   plant based   ) has vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, seeds, in the center of the scene. Who chooses this type of food   you can choose to consume — more— meat, egg, dairy, or not   . The important thing is that the vast majority of nutrients are obtained from plants, something that is particularly difficult for Argentines. Here, the absolute queen is the   meat   . Not eating it is almost a   sin   .

However, the concept does not involve eliminating food, but   add more options   . In this way, we can reduce the consumption of meat and add variety and nutrients of plant origin. Then there will be those who will transition to a   strict vegetarianism   and those who retain the habit of consuming meat and other animal foods, albeit to a lesser extent than before.

Omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian... terminologies are many, but not so many labels are necessary. What is important is   nourish yourself with quality food   and listen to what our body asks of us. Because it's not just about eating this food or that, it's about connecting with us and with the   nature   , although it costs a lot with the current pace of life.

That's all about the   plant-based feeding   that the women we're going to introduce to you have as their flag. Are we going to meet them?


  Yael Kritzer   @blogdewellness    

From her   we talked to you   sometime.   Yael Kritzer is a nutritionist   She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and has a postgraduate degree in Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition “Based on Plants” at the University of Belgrano (UB). Yael specializes in   mindful eating   . What is this? It is about looking for a more conscious, holistic and real nutrition, based on foods that fill our body, mind and spirit. In Yael's account you will find very valuable information about plant-based feeding, recipes and, above all, a lot of motivation to focus on what is really important.


  Cibeles Warrior   @nutricioncibeles    

In the Cibeles account (that is his name) you will find, in addition to a lot of information about   plant-based feeding   , a whirlwind of content of all kinds. Cibeles sings, dances, travels, as he attends to his patients and — of course — the followers of his account. Broccoli lover and with his motto”   always fruit   “At the head, it teaches us to live nutrition as one more part of our lives, without obsessions or limitations.


  Ro Hernandez   @nutriloca    

On Nutriloca's account there is a little more   vegan activism   . In addition to nutritional information, Ro opens our eyes on various issues that have to do with health, ethics and   food sovereignty   . His food choice is, too, a political stance, and he has no hairs on his tongue to say it. It's a fun account, full of information and that, undoubtedly, will put you to think about some things.


I invite you to follow them, rabble their content and give yourself the opportunity to think about other forms of food. Do we try?

Publication Date: 23/03/2021

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