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A generous country, from afar you can see

Joy we came back! Roast, wine, murga, come on, Crazy Flag! Mamo sums up the week from bed, or from the largest egg in the world HiperHumor!

As we are

  By Mariano Oropeza  


The Twelve is sad. And the Argentine fan, too. The   Crazy Flag   , the murguero who sounded from the tunnel of the Bombonera of Boca Juniors, departed to heaven as Diego, Suñé, La Raulito and Walter Pico's last prison in the final against Newell's Bielsa in 1991, that day on the muddy court, and pum, up!   Mamo starts the tenth edition of “A generous country” with the ball tied in the country, either to talk about Messi's inhuman record, while some continue to criticize him, or clarifying the many for Presi Albert, and Mauri, the former presi. Don't make promises about the bidet.   Although if you are going to write a book that will be the basis of your credibility and defense of your ability to lead, and you step it on the date of your old man's death, you have two options: you throw out the lousy scribes for not checking the audios, phone Iglesias and Hazelluto, and refill the therapy you left in 2015 that you won nothing, Chila   dixit   . Dad, I'm sorry.

Don't let them sell you cat for a hare. The Argentine shirt will always be light blue and white. And if you have Kempes, or Riquelme's,   segual   . So take it out proud, don't burn those bills, or wait for the 2022 settlement. Because national values are the same in the green field, solidarity, respect for the rival, ball to the floor and raised front, and   fair play,   recognized in several international tournaments. Many times we get the Chamigo prize.   Not like the Brazilian friends who humiliated Ecuadorians in the women's Libertadores cup. Chenemigo Prize without discussion.  

In one of the notes of how much we Argentines do well, which we prioritize week by week, and in Mamo's talent,   we said that the Cordovan Laura Baravalle and María Victoria Alonso led the international project of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Astronomy (IATE), based in Chile. With their discovery they managed to establish the positions, colors, morphology and size of new galaxies. They discovered more than 5,000 galaxies.   Captain Beto Spinetta smiles from outer space.


  At Easter, before assembling your suitcase, visit  

We know our MC has a chocolate heart. That is why in the previous rain of sweets, liver and glycemic protectors, praise as good barilochense the tasty icons of the city. Is that Easter getaways have, in   San Carlos de Bariloche   , a special taste. Because in addition to the number of excursions that the destination offers such as hiking, horseback riding, cycling or boarding tours, there is also the Chocolate Festival. A whole Holy Week ideal to relax and relax. To meet the true flavor of Argentine Patagonia, with its craft beer and the unmissable Patagonian lamb.

  I walked through our recommendations for a particular week that invites you to meet with loved ones and get to know landscapes in the almost ideal climate of Autumn. And walk around eating rich things, put on him, in Santa Fe,   Jujuy   , Buenos Aires or   Ushuaia   . Exclusive items from each of the Argentine provinces help you take one route before another. Or get lost, because in the lost is the way,   would some singer say reaffirming something we all know or wasn't it the best part of returning from school alone, that of changing the blocks day by day? Exercise for   teacher   of   coaching,   that blossomed like fungi in the pandemic: consult your pupils if they ever did. And they'll know who they couchee with no need for ten steps, not one.

Hopefully once we get over all the bloody coronavirus, 'cause we're gonna get out,   brakes,     salu   Banderita! , let us not forget how beautiful and generous our land is, one that allowed us to vacation while the world was envassed - and in love,   Argentina was one of the countries in the world with the highest tourism in the last semester.     That we don't suspect that the national is bad, as we've been made to believe since 1976. Sorry we insist, never again.  


Publication Date: 29/03/2021

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