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The fernet, in Cordoba, goes “with everything”. If there is no coke, there are a thousand more options... we tell you what they are. Which one do you prefer?


  “The city of fernet and the birra”,   in the words of   Colt Rodrigo Good   , it's Cordoba. The favorite drink of all Cordobeses is fernet with coca. This does not mean that we also drink wine, beer or other variants. However, when there is opportunity to choose we do not hesitate. Fernet with coke is going to be   our choice   . But this traditional drink can be   consume in a thousand ways.   In addition to being used in meals, as in fernet ribs, it can be used in industrial recipes. As the alfajor does   Alfernee   or   Regional Beney   , which also produces a cheese flavored with this drink. It's a delight in all its forms. However, the most common way to consume it is in a jar and with ice. This variant can be prepared with everything: we have what drinks are prepared   a fernetazo   in Cordoba.

  1. Fernet with coca  

  It's the classicazo   Cordovan par excellence. Nothing beats this combination that bursts our hearts with joy. It is the   perfect combination   . As for which, but we already know that...

  2. Fernet with grapefruit  

Fernet with grapefruit is a variant that arises when we have been consuming several days   the classicazo   and we'll get fed up. Because sometimes it happens to us, we want to change. This special and unique recipe is prepared with   fernet and Paso de los Toros   . It can also be done with Schweppes or soft drinks of the style. It has a bitter taste that conquers.

  3. Mint Fernet with Sprite  

It's the elite version. He is not the most beloved of all, but when there is nothing, it does. Mint fernet doesn't go with coke or grapefruit. He's going with Sprite or Seven Up. Lemon soda to make this drink an explosion of flavor.

  4. With everything  

This is the atomic bomb at the party. This is the secret ingredient, which gives the key touch to your appetizer. To the traditional fernet with coca, we add   half measure of whiskey.  

  5. A touch of lemon  

Anything with a hint of lemon is fine. And why would fernet be the exception? With a hint of lemon, the fernet with coca is made a precious one. Have you tried it yet?

Publication Date: 05/07/2020

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