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Export canned wine

Argentine wine managed to enter a refined palate market such as Swiss. He didn't do it in elegant bottles. He did it in a can.

Vino en lata de exportación

“The public is renewed,”  Chiqui once said. Consumers too. And their tastes, even more so,  supply has to be adapted to demand. And, if the second shows new habits, the first will have to please them, even if they seem somewhat dislocated. It's just that people are demanding a more practical container for wine, in a fair size, which is easy to take and economical. Under that premise, some years ago, canned  wine was born  . Many wineries were added to this proposal, including Bianchi.

Just 6 months after its launch,  Bodega Bianchi  achieved one of the first exports of  269 milliliters canned Argentine wine.  In this case,  Switzerland, a top destination in Europe, which imports almost 70% of the wines it consumes  . With its renewed, more contemporary, urban and trendy image, New Age, a global brand of Bodegas Bianchi, seeks to reach new consumers in the world.

Canned wine is a trend everywhere. He first swept into the US. The US, doubling its consumption, and now came to Europe to accompany the summer in the northern hemisphere. There, under the sun, the goal is to have a good time and the can adds consumption spaces in front of the glass bottle . It is a practical, easy to carry container that cools quickly and is adaptable to different times of the day. These characteristics, valued by young people around the world, add to a more casual, individual and spontaneous consumption.

According to data from 2019 (Euromonitor International), wine consumption in Switzerland is expected to remain stable in terms of volume, but consumers are likely to continue to seek to reduce their alcohol and calorie intake. Therefore,  lighter wines, with less alcohol, can be the big winners of the season. New Age, Bianchi's iconic brand, with only 8.9% graduation, offers all the advantages of the tin in front of glass . The main one is the fact that aluminum recycling is easier and its impact on the environment is less, a topic that is trend in the world of millennials.

The winery authorities claim to be in a new stage for the brand, with which they seek to open up more to the world and renew their bond with consumers,  inviting them to discover a different sweet wine, rich, easy to drink, with endless possibilities and with the quality that characterizes the products of Bianchi Wineries. 

In Argentina, canned wine is growing and the main engine of this phenomenon has to do with the consumption habits of the new generations. The can is lighter, better resists shocks and is easy to carry which ensures more spontaneous consumption.

 It's not just an age issue 

From the experience with other drinks, and for the few months that wine has been sold in canned, we can warn that consuming liquids in this container is not an issue of ages, exclusively. It is true that the tendency to take canned is historically more rooted in young people. However, beer or soft drinks are also consumed in canned by adults. Thus, canned wine is not intended only to reach an audience that does not drink wine because it was only sold in bottles, like the  teenager . But, in addition, the goal is to achieve a lower price, in fair rations and with all the advantages that the can has, above mentioned, to reach all ages.

Publication Date: 04/09/2020

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