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Which of these elements do you choose for frying?

At the time of making a fried meal, we have 3 items as an option for cooking. The pros and cons of oil, butter and fritolin.

Cooking is the  art   of preparing, spice and pairing something as important to our lives as food . Therefore, the techniques with which we achieve the goal of putting a plate of food on the table are key. We can achieve the cooking of food boiled, grilled, baked, etc. But  there is one of the ways that, possibly, is the one that leaves the most tasty meals: fried. And for frying we need some of these 3 elements: oil, butter or fritolin.  Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Which one do you choose?

One of the great  advantages of oil (if olive is better) over  butter  is that the amount of saturated fats is much lower.  As we already know,  saturated fats are very harmful to our health, and one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases. Yes it is true that the caloric content is similar in both products, but the nutritional properties of olive oil are clearly in advantage.

The main difference between oil and butter is the origin.  Butter is a product of animal origin, and its content in saturated fats is above 70%.On the other hand, oil is a product of vegetable origin, whose oleic acid content is around 70 -80%, and with only 10 -15% saturated fats. 

Usually olive oil is considered the best food for cooking , and also to consume raw (in salads, etc.). However, moderate consumption of butter will not lead to immediate poor health, but if this consumption is continued and abusive, this can lead to quite serious health problems, especially if we already suffer from some type of cardiovascular disease.

As for  cooking with spray oil or “fritolin”, this practice has become a healthy alternative for those looking to reduce their calorie intake or use little oil in their preparations , as it allows you to have better control and dose the portion you use to prepare your meals with just the right amount of oil.Another advantage is the practicality of cooking, faster, clean and tidy, in addition it is non-stick, preventing food from sticking. 

In conclusion, the decision on which items to consume at any time is yours. The important thing is always to try to maintain a healthy diet,  and for this it is advisable to consume fats of vegetable origin and with great nutritional properties such as olive oil.

This is how the myth is torn down.  Cooking with olive oil is not harmful to health. What happens is, maybe, it's harmful to   your pocket . But, saving such a difference, the properties and tasty ones of olive oil is irrefutable.

 Mendoza, land of olive oil 

Although our province is recognized for its wine production, olive growing has grown exponentially in recent years.  In Maipu, just over a year ago, a new option was made official for visitors:   “The olive tree route”.  Most of the oil mills that exist in Mendoza are located in Maipú  . Thus, tourists, and also Mendoza, can visit these establishments, learn how the different products from olives are made and, finally, after so much desire, taste those delicacies.

Olive production areas, such as Maipú,  are characterized by a semi-arid climate with little rainfall, and must complement the water needs of the crops with various artificial irrigation systems as in the other provinces of western Argentina. 

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