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Where to store the wine?

Specialists claim that, if you are not going to uncork immediately, look for a good place to store the wine, in a good position and at a proper temperature.

¿A dónde guardar el vino?

Wine is a delicate drink. And, as such, you need special care.  That bottle they gave you a couple of years ago or that wine you bought and you still don't uncork, those are the ones that should be perfectly arranged, waiting for the moment  to cheer up a couple's talk, a meeting with friends or a moment of  relax  on the balcony of the apartment. In order for the  wine to maintain all its properties at the time of serving, it is essential to keep it in optimal conditions. That's why we left you a couple of tips to store the wine.

Obviously, the ideal would be  to have an electric cellar or a stone covered basement like those held by the oldest wineries in  the province of Mendoza. But that sounds a little utopian. That is why we leave you these  recommendations for the common people. 

 Not all wines are meant to be saved.  Therefore, before deciding on a long guard, make sure that they are suitable for prolonged stowage.  Guarda wines are usually complex, with strong tannins, a rather high alcoholic strength and acidity, a quality required for a wine to behave very well in the aging and aging process  that improves over time.

 Not every nook is suitable for storing wine . Sometimes, some corners are very tempting to leave a bottle of wine because it fits perfectly. The kitchen is usually the best example: above the  fridge , somewhere in the cupboard, etc. However,  the kitchen is the hottest place in the house, because of the oven and burners that are used both in winter as in summer.  Also the engine of devices such as the refrigerator or the dishwasher contributes to raising the ambient temperature.

 The heat always rises . Therefore, in case of  fire  they ask us to move crouching or on all fours. Under the same premise,  wine bottles should be kept flush with the ground, as it is always the coolest part of an environment. 

 Placares - if there are no stains of moisture, they are one of the best places.  We can move the clothes to plastic boxes under bed and take advantage of the shelves to store bottles.  Remember to take out all kinds of flavourings that may affect the wine, as mothballs and wine are not a good pairing

 The downstairs stairs are great allies for the guarding of wines , as they meet the qualities we need, but, in case it is a high transit ladder, the vibrations can affect our guard. Also, there are usually heaters nearby, watch out for it.

 Conventional refrigerator can not replace the function of a cava  specially designed for wines. That is a big mistake because excessive cold and the tendency of fridges to extract moisture from food can seriously affect cork, generate crystallization, and wine can absorb smells from meals that coexist with bottles.

 Be tidy . One of the keys to keeping a wine in condition is to manipulate it as little as possible. Therefore,  it is advisable to attach a label with a paper to each bottle. In it we capture data such as varietal and harvest, so that when we go looking for a particular one, we find it quickly. It is also good to write down the sender, in case it was a   gift  .  Because, surely, we will consume it several years later, and it's good to know who gave it to us.

Publication Date: 03/10/2020

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