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What's that treat the Tucumans eat?

They sell it in many of the kiosks in the microcenter and it seems to be something exclusive to this province. Come on, we invite you to explore the world of panchuque.

Describing it seems to be a little harder than you think. It's like a pancho, but it's not. Defining him as a pacho seems to be something hurtful to Tucuman. Actually the pancake is explained by eating, there is no other, so it is known.

The dough that covers the sausage is made with a mixture of flour and milk, among other ingredients. Something fundamental is to have the pancake:this machine is the star of the preparation, without it it would not be possible. Simply pour the preparation — which has a smooth consistency — into the machine, put the sausage and close it. Ready: enjoy. It's got to be fresh out, warm.

But where do you get them? This is the curious thing: the panchuque seems to be a meal at the pace made for our small but busy microcenter. While many fans bought their panchuquera to do it at home, the traditional one is bought in the center. They are usually sold with a glass of soda, the perfect combination.

The places that sell them are kiosks or drugstores that have a small sector assigned to this delicacy. Its price is about $50 with a glass of soda. Above you can put a dressing or even some sauce.

A tour of our city is not complete without trying our most typical meals. We have already dedicated a story to the sánguche de milanesa, a flagship dish that has a day and a festival that commemorates it. Now it was the panchuque's turn, that which looks like a pancho, but it's not, that which you eat in the pass. Yeah, the tucummanity.

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