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What are the best cuts of meat for stew?

With the stews season full, we often hesitate when we go to the butcher shop. We tell you what are the best cuts of meat for this meal.

Carne para el guiso

Winter, fresh, stufita... and stew. With the cold, body and soul claim warm and comforting food, and stew is the main star of the season. As good Argentines we are, whatever it is, you can't miss meat. The good news is that the most recommended cuts for this type of preparations are relatively inexpensive. Full belly, happy heart and grateful pocket.

Not all cuts of meat serve for stew. Well, how to serve, they serve: with a little magic and a lot of love, I might be rich the same. But there are some that are best suited to long cooking, which are required for this type of dishes. Because, in order to cook a stew, planning and patienceis required. It's not a fast meal, but the wait is worth it. No doubt.

Cuts with a little fat and intramuscular fiber are ideal in these cases. We leave three recommendations for you to go straight to the butcher shop.


First, a little anatomy. The trowel is located in the shoulder region of the cow (shoulder blade and humerus). There is a lot of muscle and connective tissue there. Therefore, it is a meat that needs a long cooking to get the best out of itself.

Mr. Roastbeef

Roastbeef is located in the first dorsal vertebrae, where the neck and loinare joined. It has a lot of fiber and intramuscular fat, so it needs time to get to its ideal point in a stew, but not as much as other cuts. In addition, it is usually at a very good price.


Here we eat the cow completely: the ossobuco is the part of the animal's tap, on the paws. You need a long cooking, on low heat, but it has a huge advantage (in addition to its affordable price) - it is tasty by nature. The bone, the shell and the outer fat surrounding the muscle give a unique flavor to preparations such as stew.

How to cook them?

Yes, we have already said several times that these cuts require prolonged cooking. But, beyond that, there is an extra tip for juices and flavors to be preserved. Except for the osobuco, it is recommended to cut the meat into even pieces and seal it first with olive oil in a frying pan. Then, yes: to the pot. In this way, the pores are closed and the meat retains its juices.

Are you out for the butcher shop yet? What cut are you gonna put on your next stew?

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[oembed:serargentinian url=” https://www.serargentino.com/paladar/gastronomia/guiso-carrero-el-guiso-popular-del-pueblo-chaqueno"][oembed:serargentino url=” https://www.serargentino.com/paladar/gastronomia/tomatican-un-guiso-sanjuanino-simple-y-delicioso “]

El guiso carreroCarrero stew, the popular stew of the Chaco village
tomaticán (1)Tomaticán, a simple and delicious sanjuanino stew

Publication Date: 09/07/2020

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