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Roast of well: what a roast!

The roast is eaten in a thousand ways. Today, we present a very particular way that arrives from the north of Cordovan: the asado de pozo.

  The Near Aromas Project,   from the Cuentos en Boca group, brings us traditional and regional recipes. And what food is more Argentinean and traditional than asado? However, that's what we are the Cordobeses, we put everything   One more twist.   In the department of San Justo, in the community of La Paquita, you eat   well roast. A whole ritual   revolves around this event. It's just that, as we already know,   the asado is more than a meal   . It's like a mass, a meeting that has as the protagonist on the grill, but which means much more than getting together to eat.

In this case, to prepare the so-called well roast, we must follow some recommendations. We bring you the recipe, and we add   a couple of tips:  


  Step by step  

  1. The first thing to do is a well approximately 60 cm deep, and the size of the grill to be used.
  2. There, it is set on fire for an hour in such a way as to raise a lot of temperature. A lot of it!
  3. Then, the embers are taken out, the earth is left alone. It's a little white on the edges because of the heat.
  4. On the grill is placed the seasoned meat to taste and then the well is covered with a veneer on which all the embers that were taken out of the well are placed on it.
  5. In two hours it's ready. Some are opening the veneers to look, but there are those who know that in two hours it's finished.

Genoveva tells, in the recipe book Aromas Nearby, that   “The head of a cow is very rich, it has a lot to take out: the tongue, the jaws, the brains.”  

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