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We tell you why the best pig farm is in Neuquén

Granja El Amanecer, first in quality standards and pork from Patagonia.

granja el amanecer

  Argentina's passion for asado is known.   Beef cuts are the most  requested in international restaurants, but we  also consume internally,  meat from chickens and pigs.  The latter, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, are in the focus of the controversy. However, it does not cease to be a typical product of our country. We present you to La  Granja El Amanecer, from  Neuquén  for all the  Patagonia .  

The farm was born in 1993 as a  project of brothers Ernesto and Carlos Cantoni, and their father, Carlos . Based on effort and dedication, they created a  unique establishment dedicated to the production of  pork  , located in the town of  Cutral Co . In 2007, Granja El Amanecer had to move its property to a larger and better equipped one. The reason: The  growing demand for pork in the region .

The number of pigs that today has in constant stock is 19,500, so  their products are consumed throughout the Patagonian region (yes, in Ushuaia they also  sell their famous bondiolas). For the peace of mind of many,  the care of animals in Granja El Amanecer, are extreme and high range : From an adequate health plan according to international standards, to top quality nutrition and the best technology on the market, as well as impeccable and updated staff.

One of the young people working on the property is Carlitos Cantoni, who indicates that  the most pleasant moment in the history of the farm was to pay the initial investment credit ; in turn, the  most difficult moment that the “chanchería” passed (as was the commonly known in Cutral Có) was this year in full pandemic,  when the person was infected l. “At that time, we had to process and produce the same products as always but with half the people,” recalls Carlitos.

 In this plant, they develop all the links in the production chain: breeding, slaughter, processing, distribution and marketing of a wide range of pork products, in different presentations.   It is Carlitos himself, who points out that his favorite cut is the lemon matambrito made by his uncle Ernesto “pirate” Cantoni.  

The delicious products produced by Granja El Amanecer, range  from all the pork cuts, to sausages and cold cuts. We present you the list of pork derivatives and finally, a rich recipe for pork tenderloin to Wellington: 

  •  Chilled or frozen meats:  Swatambres, boneless quarts, carré with and without bone, bondiola, sirloin, roast, sucker, leather, bacon, legs, ribs, half cattle, pulps, cuttings, giblets Sausages  
  • : Chorizo de pork type bonbon, roasted, red pork sausage and
  •  bonbon cold meats : Salted bacon, pork roll, bondiola

Wellington tenderloin

  • 1 pork tenderloin about 600 g of Granja El Amanecer
  • 1 puff pastry
  • 200 g mushrooms
  • 1 onion
  • Dijon mustard
  • Pate or duck foie
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper


 1.   We remove from the sirloin any excess fat that may contain and nerves, so that the dish is not too heavy. Indispensable, remove all nerves so as not to find them later in the mouth, because they have a very hard and unpleasant texture.

 2.   Salt the sirloin and in a frying pan over high heat, and without oil, add the sirloin.

We sealed it all over its sides. That is, we cook it for its outermost part but, leaving it raw inside. So, we prevent it from releasing too many juices while baking it.

 3.   Remove the pork tenderloin and reserve it. In the same frying pan, and over lower heat, add a drizzle of oil. Then add the chopped onion. Sapimentamos and let cook for about 5 minutes, while stirring frequently

 4.   While the onion is cooked, we smear well with mustard the sirloin.

Then we again spread all the sirloin with pate or duck foie.

 5.   Done all this, and when the onion has cooked a little, we add the mushrooms cut into not too small cubes. Salt and again cook everything over low heat while stirring frequently. About 10 more minutes.

 6.  With all this already done, we put the sirloin on a puff pastry. On top, we put the onion and mushroom sofrito on it. We wrap everything well, making sure that it is tightly closed, without air inside. Optionally, you can decorate the puff pastry from the wellington tenderloin with a few strips of puff pastry and paint it with beaten egg, so that it gets a brighter color.

 7.  Put in the oven, previously heated to 200ºC and leave to bake for about 30 minutes.

Publication Date: 17/01/2021

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