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A path of search

Our sommellier took a very pleasant surprise with a Rioja blend.


It has aroused my curiosity about the flavors expressed by wines outside the famous  Mendoza Province, but generally gondolas do not allow to satisfy it.

In that search I found a Rioja blend composed of  Cabernet Sauvignon ,  Malbec and Petit Verdot grapes, year 2011 and with passage through Roble 12-month-old American. With an attractive composition, and taking into account the years in bottle, I examined the packaging and what could be seen of the cork without it showing any deterioration.

The Hour of Truth

At home, I set it up for the Tasting. Uncorking is done without any complications, the plug has good moisture on the base and shows no signs of possibility of contact with air. Served in the glass shows very vivid colors with well-marked violet tones, good slightly lighter edging and bright backlit tones. Its aroma expresses the typicity of the two best known strains filling with plums, leather, ash and tobacco.

The different thing was what came next and had to do with Petit Verdot. A soft grass scent invaded the glass and ended up sealing the olfactory experience. Tannic at its right point, slight itching and  balanced acidity . With a medium end in the mouth.

My verdict is: getting out of the known is a good idea

Nina Blend from Bodega San Huberto is a specimen made with grapes from the Aminga Valley, 1450 meters high, which once vinified and after passing through barrels, had a stowage of 12 months in bottle before its exit to the market.The years that has passed bottling, they have granted it a very complex bouquet, which makes it silky on the palate, but with a great presence. A wine that is undoubtedly round.

Excellent time with a wine from the Province of  La Rioja , an area that will surely continue to surprise me!

The “language” of the tasters

Before I passed this note to the editorial office, I shared it with a friend and her expressions were a mixture of “in what language this man writes” and “how long I fall asleep.” I make it clear that he is not an expert on the subject. His relationship with wine is that of any neighbor, he only appreciates what he likes, without so much analysis. Then I realized that part of my work should make the description of a bottle more enjoyable, without falling into so much technicality. The idea is to share what I know with everyone. That's why I decided to make some clarifications and tell what I'm talking about when I use very jargon terms. I assure you that recognizing the characteristics of a wine can be an adventure and you should not miss it.

Why am I talking about the cork? What is the information I can get by looking at it?

In addition to covering the bottle and not allowing the drink to spill, the cork has the function of preventing oxygen from entering and thereby altering the properties of the wine. What we can look at on the cork are some of the following issues: its color, its shape and its smell.

The color should look only at the base and will depend on the age of the wine whether it is pink or darker, the classic drunken color. As for its shape, it should be uniform, not widened or contracted. And if we consider the smell, what we are going to see is that there are no traces of mold odor or some other that catches attention and is unpleasant.

Here are some of the reasons why bottles should be stored lying down. If the wine is in contact with the cork, it does not dry out and it is unlikely that it will end up cracking and losing its function so that we enjoy the wine in its best version.

Publication Date: 18/06/2018

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