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To be an Argentine. Be Wine.

Being Argentine is family, is friends, is mate, is dulce de leche, is football, it is the great diversity of cultures, ergo: it is also being wine.

ser vino

Being Argentine is family, is friends, is mate, is dulce de leche, is football, it is the great diversity of cultures, ergo: it is also being  wine.  

Be wine but not from the false glamour of smelling inside a glass, while we spin the noble liquid, to guess the aromas with velvety and poetic descriptions and comparisons.

About that, we will already have the opportunity to expand in this open and relaxed space to meet  Argentines  and wines.

Being Argentine and wine is a complete process

Being came from the shared  table  , from communion in all the sense of this wonderful word: common-union.

Where the union begins from this cell, wine, which fits perfectly with others that identify and enrich us, precisely because of being Argentine. Too bad we become amoebas.

Being Argentine, is to be wine from the simple fact of combining it with  soda , to enjoy with a warm stew, any afternoon in autumn.

We are also the complexity itself, rich, just like that of a good wine that was born in the vineyard and went through different stages, under the care of the vineyard who knew how to watch over the fruit, until the time of harvesting it.

We are complex, just like wine when it goes through the incredible chemical transformation of grape juice into wort ferment, that is, wine.

Like wine, where winemakers, agronomists, operators, winemakers, sommeliers, (gosh, we already started with the difficult words)... the inclement weather, the richness of different soils,  the inheritance  of our immigrant grandparents aggiornated with the advent of new technologies... everything... all that almost magically conjugated into wine. Thus, multiple factors are combined to know us Argentinians.

Customs that wine brings to the Argentine DNA

Being one with wine is also intergrating rituals to everyday life that include it. It does not matter to serve it in a glass glass or in a simple glass, just glass. The wine glass is more ours than any other shape, because it can be shared without hesitation.

Knowing us wine, like Argentines, is to discover us jamajuanaso penguins. It is to find ourselves on the edge of that ambivalence between the humble and the superb.

Simple and at the same time increasingly evolved, able to generate intensity at the core of a spicy and hot debate with a pinch of nerve and tension. At the same time we can dance in calm, disarming ourselves in the amatory poetry of all times, drunk by the very enjoyment of a glass of wine.

All this and everything or nothing, almost like tango or zamba, is being Argentine and being wine.

One wine for every Argentine

Because we share the essence and the argentinity, but we have the skill of finding ourselves in difference, there is a wine for every Argentine. If we already know that what unites us and identifies us is the ceremony of uncovering a bottle, serving, sharing and from that moment we leave the table until the dream (or dizziness) says that it is already. We also know that we will never get bored or tired of drinking, because there is variety. A good torrontés to start and a malbec to continue. Sanjuanino, Mendoza, Riojano and even Patagonian, each has its peculiarity. And not only from wine regions we have to choose from, there is also plenty to enjoy from varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sirah, Merlot and Semillon, among others.

At the end of the day, when we seek to define ourselves by our culture and customs, we should not leave anything aside. And much less wine, because it is the product of our land, it is work and dedication, it is a family table or confession with friend, is to be Argentine.

Publication Date: 04/05/2018

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