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Tips for compulsive buyers of te!

If you are like me and many of my friends, that on every walk you can't avoid stained glass windows in places that sell tea, this column is for you!

latas y variedades de tés

If you are like me and many of my friends, that on every walk you can't avoid stained glass windows in places that sell tea, this column is for you!

Save tea for a special occasion, bad idea?

Sometimes they ask me if you can have a little drink that was brought from the  trip  to Singapore! (to cite an example) they did in 2000... Why? Why leave something you bought a thousand years ago? You deprived yourself of trying something delicious, waiting for that special occasion you never found.If you did not buy a  puerh (a special te that is saved and aged ex profess), the tees should be consumed within the year, limit two years. That's why this and other councillors are going:

  1. Do not buy in quantity, if you are not a regular consumer. It grows and loses taste and  properties .
  2. Whenever you can, let the containers be cans. It is the material that best preserves the freshness of the teas. Its incredible delicacy, is also its disadvantage: the te is hygroscopic, that is, it takes room  moisture  very easily. That's why it is contaminated with flavors and smells from the nearby environment. It is best to store it in cans, one for each tea, away from light and moisture. Give your collection a cool and dry environment.
  3. Certain varieties, such as Matcha, Gyokuros, Kabusecha or even Sencha and Bancha (Japanese) are better to keep them in the refrigerator.

Not everything depends on our cupboard

When we think about storing tea in the best possible way, keep in mind that there are factors that play an important role (and we do not see them). What is it about? It's simple, imagine that you buy a beautiful can of tea, with a super recommended selection and do not intend to wait too long to infuse and taste. However, when serving and trying, the disappointment is great. Even before, when they opened the container, they find it strange that the  aroma  is barely perceived (they had been told about the aromatic of that blend).

Well, maybe it's obvious, but we don't usually take into account how long the strands take in the can, let alone the time before being packaged. Somehow, we don't take into account the age of tea. And it's pretty complicated to get all that information. Few marks on their label add data such as the harvest date. At most, we can read the packaging date and trust that the wholesale supplier you pack from have a good product turnover. And let not only that ensure the freshness of tea, it is also necessary to keep it in optimal storage conditions. Uff! Exhausting, right?

“Your question doesn't bother.”

Not to despair, as I raise it, it seems that it is an impossible company to drink quality tea in optimal conditions. Actually, the intention is to put into perspective and alert the distracted. It is enough to be somewhat observant and sharpen your eye when choosing where and from whom we buy tea. There are many shops or fairs where they are sold in bulk and packaged at the moment. This gives us the advantage of asking the  seller  to allow us to smell a small sample of our choice. If we are not lucky enough to come across that sales system, there is never another kind question. Sometimes it bothers us to inquire about the freshness of the product, we feel that in the question is implicit an accusation, but none of that. We could even run into some salesman of those who know very interesting details about tea and eager to share them.

I hope these tips will help you on your next trip and don't be very chant buying! (ha! Lucky with that... I can't and I bring everything!) Until the next cup.

Publication Date: 16/05/2018

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By: Nora lores 26 May, 2018

Muy buen consejo, muchas veces lo guarde mal gracias

By: Laura Imaz 07 June, 2018

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Gracias, me alegra ser útil!

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