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Three tea blends that will hierarchise your cupboard

They are all obtained in Argentina, do not miss them!

Laura Imaz - Té

By  Laura Imaz 

In this series I present to you some ancient and traditional teas, which for their refinement and delicate balance of taste, have endured through the times until they become classics.

 Jasmine Tea (Jasmine Tea) 

One of the oldest and most delicate. Traditionally made from letting dry the strands of fresh green tea, with jasmine flowers, between rice papers. Nowadays it is also made with essences and aromas. You will find it on loose strands, or in the form of balls, in this case it is called “Jasmine pearls”.

Fresh and delicate, ideal for summer evenings.

 Genmaicha (Genmai Tea) 

A very old blend of Japanese tea, made with sencha green tea leaves with roasted rice grains.

Let the tragic legend of the invention of this blend not prevent you from proving it... involves a hurry and attentive servant, named Genmai... and a moody samurai master and nervous katana (Seek and pollute it)

The toasted and sweet flavor of  rice pororó, combines perfect with the bitter taste of sencha tea. Highly recommended for dinner.

 Earl Gray 

Scented black tea blend with bergamot essence.

Created in honor of Charles Gray, British Foreign Minister of the 19th Century.

It is one of the most used in pastry, to perfume baked preparations, for its delicate and unmistakable citrus aroma. Cakes and  cookies  with Earl gray, I assure you they are delicious.

Ideal for snack, with classic  scons .

They are all easily “available” in Argentina, in specialized shops or at food fairs.

If you see them, don't miss them.

Until the next  infusion !

Publication Date: 13/04/2019

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