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3 recipes with rhubarb

We already tell you how rhubarb came to Patagonia. Now we show you how to taste it.


We have already talked about the immense and extensive history of  rhubarb , how it has reached the   Patagonian lands and its different properties: but what about the recipes? Below we bring you three variants to use this vegetable. If there are brave crops, it is perfect these times as they are being harvested. And if not, add to the list of some supermarket or start asking a little from a neighbor you have. In fact, now yes, the co-protagonists, together with you, dear reader or reader who is always firm with the recipes  made in Patagonia   that we bring in Ser Argentino  .


Rhubarb can be made  jam .  One of the most famous in the southern provinces, along with others such as corinth, rosehip, and other  fine fruits  . The recipe for the vegetable to finally transform into the perfect accompaniment for mattes or tea is easy to follow: these are the proportions for a kilo, easily transferable if you have more or less.

The stems should be peeled very well, removing them, too, the thread: after washing them well they are cut into slices about 2 centimeters approximately. For a whole night they will be allowed to stand with half the sugar used, that is, 400 grams. The next morning it should be boiled for 5 minutes, add the rest of the sugar and leave to cook while stirring with a spoon. Finally add juice of (one) lemon, cloves and stir until taste and visually correct. Before you eat it, let it stand. With these measures, a jar of about half a kilo comes out.


 Rhubarb cake 

From the previous recipe another can be made, although it is also not essential, since it can be done by chopping the clean rhubarb stems or with sweet. Although there is a small difference between sweet and jam from, most of all because of the composition of the size of fruits and the amount of sugar from one and the other, experts assure that it can be used both.

Rhubarb tart is made with sweet or a dozen of them, clean and deflished. They are boiled in a short cooking: 10 minutes and 5 tablespoons of sugar with small pieces of rhubarb. Some recipes include a tablespoon of lemon or a little liquor, so the decision is merely for every cook.


 Take a wine and forget 

Finally, if you want to experience a little longer process and you like to enjoy drinks, this is a good project that, because not, can be the year-end toast, if you calculate the times well. Rhubarb  wine  takes a total of 8 months, days less, more days.

One kilo of rhubarb should be cut, the same procedure as usual - to deleaf them and clean; it should be crushed and covered with one and a half liters of cold water. It should leave 10 days of maceration although stirring day by day. Maceration is the typical procedure for it to soften “more naturally” or so quickly.

After the aforementioned days, you should strain and add 700 grams of sugar, and zest and juice of one lemon. When mixing everything very well, it is left in a cool place for the next six weeks.

After it has been fermented, it is packaged in a bottle, recommended, in a glass bottle so that it rests for the next 6 months. And now, after so long, you can enjoy yourself at the family table or friends: try your own homemade product, ready to accompany dinner or a talk.

Remember that rhubarb can be frozen and that, in addition to these recipes, it can be used in compotes, just to mention an example; it is also a very good companion with strawberry, strawberry, apple, cinnamon, lemon and ginger.

Publication Date: 08/02/2021

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By: Clau Pas 12 February, 2021

Que ricas esas recetas me gusto mucho la tarta😋

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