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Three recipes with gandú

Have you ever tasted gandu meat? Here we bring you three recipes to suck your fingers.

recetas con ñandú

“Roasting a  spice of  ynandu   surprised him the afternoon at the Yeüel. Dreamer of piño and light who knew how to be lord in Aikén”, thus kicks off the lyrics of “  Cacique Yatel ” , one of the many works of  Balcarceño  -but  Patagonian  by adoption-  Hugo Giménez Agüero .

Now, what is the spice of ynandu?

This is the upper part of the loin of the animal, the meat that is above the bone carcass, and with it various preparations are made. Here we show you three recipes with  ñandú .

 Stuffed Picana 

For this preparation we need 5 kilos of picana, one kilo of carrot, one kilo of morron, six boiled eggs, half a kilo of onion and bacon (two slices are recommended for each chop made to the prod).

Also, have on hand garlic, parsley, ground chili pepper, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar for a good dressing that will accompany the recipe. Let's start with this, since it serves for the filling. To do this we place in a bowl garlic, parsley, ground chili pepper, salt and pepper. Add a little oil, vinegar and hot water and proceed to stir for a few minutes the preparation.

Now, let's get the stuffed prod.

We start by cutting the picana by cutting it with a long blade and filling the cuts with moron and thin slices of carrot, onion, egg and bacon (we recommend two slices per chop). In turn, in each chop, we put one or two tablespoons of dressing.

We tie the prod with a strong thread, such as the one used for the roll-over. Boil until the meat is well cooked and once it is ready it is taken out to allow to cool.

At lunchtime, we serve the picana cut into slices of about one centimeter, making the cuts on the other side of the slices. Tip: ideal to accompany with salads or puree, and a good red wine.

 Picana to the stone 

We once talked about  curanto , a preparation in which it is cooked underground. Well, this, on a smaller scale than we can find in Colonia Suiza, near Bariloche, is similar.

This way of preparing the picana was the most traditional and used by the country people of Patagonia in ancient times.

For this there are not many ingredients, but you need to be patient: in this recipe we need a large choique spice, salt to taste, a bag of charcoal, dry firewood and a shovel.

We start by making a well in the ground so that the prod comfortably fits.

We light the charcoal and firewood to heat balls stones and, when they are hot, cover the well with them. We salted the prod and then introduce it, cover it with hot stones and on top we put a veneer, to cover it with earth.

That is cooked for at least two and a half hours - you saw that you had to have patience- and it is ready to eat.


Another recipe to make with ñandú is pickled. For that we need about 2 and a half kilos of the animal, two chili peppers, two onions, three leeks, 250 grams of carrot, a head of garlic, half a liter of apple cider vinegar, half a liter of white wine three quarters of a cup of oil, nutmeg, black peppercorns, cloves, thyme, bay leaf and rosemary.

To start the preparation, we boil the meat with a quarter liter of vinegar and all the white wine. Next to the meat we also put clean leeks, carrot, garlic head and onion. We season with nutmeg and black pepper, and leave to cook for 1 hour, until the meat is tender.

For pickled sauce, we chop the onion, a moron, cut into julienne the carrot and season with pepper, thyme and bay leaf. You have to fry it with a quarter liter of vinegar, white wine and oil. Cook for half an hour. Let cool and add the choique.

It is recommended to let stand for at least 3 hours. It can be served as an entry, or kept in jars in the fridge, for up to 5 days.

 Let's enjoy it! 

Publication Date: 07/11/2020

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