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Three options for cooking at Christmas

We present you a list of meals with Mendoza ingredients for you to set up your theme table on Christmas and New Year.


Christmas meals are usually very similar in the different regions of Argentina. However, this time we leave you some new recipes. Or, the Mendoza variables of the typical dishes for the holidays.

The first recommended is a  “chicken caprese roll”.  To make it, the first thing will be to cut tomatoes into quarters, season with thyme, olive oil, salt and sugar.  Take them to the oven for 40 minutes to caramelize the sugar. Place the previous mixture on the previously boned chicken and roll. This can also be filled with  cheese  and basil. Then bring the rolls to the oven. Once out of the oven, you can brown them with butter and serve. In this case you win in flavors.

Another option, with a well-mendocino fish, is to make a “ trout gravlax” . In this case the dish is a little more expensive, economically speaking. The technique requires   depinating the trout before cooking . Once filleted, mix the same one kilo of sugar (it can be half a kilo of white sugar and half black sugar) and one of salt. Place a mattress of this mixture on a plate. On this place the filet and cover with another little salt. Finally, add amaretto, orange or lemon juice or their scratches and book in refrigerator for 24 hours. The next day check its hardness, remove salt and serve on toast with cream cheese, ciboulette, ground pepper, olive oil and ready! You already have your bruschetta .

Another dish is the classic  stuffed chicken.  Some prefer it sweet and sour, others are left with the salty. Here's our choice.  We need 1 chicken, plums without caroso, 2 eggs, 250 g of minced pork and veal, 3 apples, emmental cheese or gruyere, 500 cc chicken broth, ham cooked on a piece. For brewing, we will bone the chicken.  We peel the apples and cut them into medium cubes. We place them in a bowl along with chopped beef and pork, pitted plums, pine nuts, cheese and cooked ham cut into cubes. We break eggs and mix the preparation very well, salting to taste.

 Saucientamos the chicken to taste, inside and out, and fill. Next, we thread a large kitchen needle with thread for cooking and sew the opening. We cross the legs and tie them, doing the same with the wings. Preheat the  oven  to 200 ºC and put the chicken on a tray. We cook for 2 hours. Halfway cooking, open and pour chicken broth over the chicken. Remember to place a tray underneath in case the liquid falls out. Follow the cooking and after the two hours elapse, we take it out of the oven and remove the threads, serve and savor.

If you don't get a lot of damage  to boning the chicken, basically, you have to remove the butt with a knife and the excess fats from the breast.  Now, we insert a  knife  between the skin and the casing to remove it completely and scrape the bone from the legs until we reach the joint to remove the bone from the against thigh.

Publication Date: 24/12/2020

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