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Three minutes serranas

With fresh, native aromatic mountains and in an area of native valley, enjoying these recipes is to travel to Cordoba through the palate.

3 minutas

 Our Córdoba mountain ranges  hide many secrets and ingredients  that allow us to play in the kitchen and sweeten our hearts. In addition, discover these  new flavors  with mountain air and characteristic of the area. They're meals that take us to travel. In this note we offer you  three unique recipes that are the free pass to paradise. 

 Dried Soup 

This is called one of the  most traditional minutes in Córdoba.  It's a soup, but dry. Can you believe?We tell you what ingredients you need and how to make it  step by step. 

  • Onion

  • Oil

  • Entrefinos or Angel Hair Noodles

  • Serranas

 Pasito to pasito 

First,  chop finito the onion to resteam it  in a little oil. When it is already  golden brown,  add a little hot water to keep cooking until it becomes transparent. At that point,  add the noodles you have chosen  and let  it simmer . It takes a little, and it is always preferable that the container be covered.While consuming all the water, until leaving the noodles dry, but cooked, season with salt, pepper and aromatic to taste.

 Pulling the post:  The golden goal of this recipe is to cook it in a campsite, on the embers, in the middle of the mountains.

 Fried Mojarritas 

Did you ever think mojarritas could be  the perfect snack ? They are!The wonderful thing about this recipe is that its  main ingredient  can be obtained in  any river around the city . The Cordobeses rivers are inhabited by mojarritas, these little fish that, once fished and cooked, are a bomb.  Mojarritas fishing is the  extreme sport of children in summer.

For artisanal fishing, you only need a bottle with a little bread. But, if  sport and recreational fishing  is your thing, you can throw the rod to see if it itches. Once you've put enough mojarritas together for the diners,  we can start cooking... 

  • Mojarritas

  • Flour

  • Egg

  • Oil

  • Lemon


 To eat these mountain delicacies , it is necessary first to gut them. Once washed and gutted, we proceed to bounce them.

First they pass through the egg, which always looks better when it is well spiced. With salt, pepper or Provencal, it goes like pineapple! 

Then you go through flour or breadcrumbs...  and fritanga!  Mojarritas can be fried by many, so it is a quick meal that serves as a picadita.

 Pulling the posta: If you accompany them with mashed potatoes or potatoes , it is  ricazo. 


It's an interprovincial classic. Carlito gives the  touch to every snack , and it's all that is good to enjoy. Do you know him? If you ever traveled around Argentina, you're sure you know what I'm talking about. This is a  simple but delicious sandwich  that makes life happy. The essential thing about Carlito is crumb bread, everything else we can modify... And here goes the recipe:

  • Crumb bread

  • Ham or palette in fetas

  • Cheese in fetas

  • A little May

  • Butter if there is  (ricazo, dad!) 

 Step by step 

Carlito is a  traditional sandwich.  The first step is to smear crumb bread with butter and put mayonnaise on both sides. Then make a tower of a good amount of cheese fetas and another little ham. Once the sandwich is assembled, we send it to the grill or to the toaster.  Back and forth... and we're there! 

 Pulling the posta:  If you have copetín chips, you can give it the touch they give it in almost every bar . And you eat  a carlito a la carte  than Mom!

And you... did you know these recipes? Are you going to encourage you to try them?

Publication Date: 21/08/2020

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