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Three meals to get to know the Argentinian Chaco

The province of Chaco has a varied gastronomy marked by the history and culture of its regions. We travel its geography through these typical dishes.

El Quibebe

 Chaco  has a variety of flavors and ingredients. In addition to being endowed with an impressive natural beauty, it offers tourists a  unique gastronomic experience  to discover the  local delicacies . The province has three well-defined regions in the area of gastronomy.  To the north is Mount Impenetrable, the center of Chaco has a strong influence of European migrationand, finally, the coastal area has characteristic features of the Guarani culture, so its meals are  quite similar to those of the neighboring country Paraguay.

We invite you to discover three traditional dishes from each area on a journey through  rich lands of taste. 

The Quibebe

It is a dish that could be said to be the  representation of the Guarani in the province . This food seems to be between a soup and a puree and is prepared from zapallo and corn flour or polenta. It is a  regional meal that is widely consumed in rural areas  and is usually served as a main course accompanied by some portion of meat.

To prepare it you need a zapallo or pumpkin of orange color (the more orange the better), pulpous and as much as possible organic. Zapallo should be cut into small squares and cooked in a fountain. In another saucepan, a vegetable broth (about three cups) is prepared and reserved for later use.

In another saucepan two onions in oil or butter. Add the zapallo and gradually the vegetable broth, while mixing all the ingredients until a kind of puree is formed. To finish the corn flour is incorporated in the form of rain ensuring stir to avoid the formation of lumps. If desired, it can be served with cheese cut into cubes and butter to taste.The decoration can carry green leaves and be accompanied with some garnish of meats.

Braided Greaves

A whole breast is needed (you can opt for vacuum or slaughterhouse). To begin the meat should be cut into three strips leaving the top part attached. Then it is braided and attached at the end with a wooden toothpick or opt for a matamber thread. The braid should be marinated with lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Preparation should rest at least an hour so that the flavors are impregnated in the meat.

In an iron pot put the braid and add water or broth, fat and juice of one lemon.It is cooked until the meat acquires a golden color, and the liquid has been completely consumed. When the braids are well cooked, they should be hung so that all fat is removed and can be consumed in the cold.

Alfajores with sweet of Mamón

To make this  exquisite recipe,  we will need to separate in two containers a little fat, which must be pre-heated and accompanied by lemon peel to flavour. To the first preparation is added white sugar and the other black sugar, thus we obtain two mixtures. An egg and a yolk, orange juice, leavening flour, cassava starch and baking powder are added in equal quantities. All dry ingredients must be pre-sifted. Once the masses are obtained, they are taken to the fridge for rest.

Then the masses are stretched and put together for marbling. Cut the alfajor caps and place them on a pre-butted plate to be baked for 15 minutes. For the filling, mix the sucker sweet with a little syrup until it acquires a texture similar to that of  dulce de leche . The caps are filled with preparation and reserved.

To decorate two whites are used and a Swiss meringue is prepared, that is, in a bain-marie. Impalpable flour is added and at the end a little water so that it acquires a liquid consistency. Finally the alfajores are bathed with this cover. Ready! That you are waiting to prepare some of these  easy and  delicious Chaco recipes  . 

Publication Date: 13/10/2020

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