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Those recipes with fine fruit come out!

Sweet, cake and pudding: in addition to eating the fine fruit just like that, you can also prepare exquisite recipes.

Tarta de grosellas

In different parts of   Patagonia   we can find the best quality of  fine fruit  . And what is fine fruit? They are those that are characterized by their small size. In addition, they can be classified into two groups: berries and cherries.

The former have a more acidic taste and are quickly perectable, such as blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, currant, corinth or strawberry.The others are minor fruits of carozo fruits, such as cherry and cherry.

“But cherries or blueberries we can get anywhere,” you'll say, yes, but celebrations to these fruits are held in the south. Well, just about the strawberry -which we're going to tell you how to make sweet- no, since  the  Strawberry National Festival  is done in  Coronda ,  Santa Fe  . But the   National Cherry Festival  is in  Los Antiguos   ,  Santa Cruz , while the National Festival of Fine Fruit is held in the town of El Hoyo, in Oh , Chubut  . After this debate that nobody asked for, we bring you some desserts that we can make from different fruits of fine fruit. Also with fine fruit you can make some drink or another, but we will leave that for another occasion.

 Currant cake 

For this recipe we need currant sweet, three eggs, 300 grams of flour, 100 grams of butter, 150 grams of sugar and a pot of cream.

Once we have all the ingredients, we start whisking the eggs for ten minutes and add the butter and sugar.

Then we add the flour and mix everything with your hands to later let the dough stand for half an hour.

Meanwhile, we butter and put flour in a mold and stretch the dough on it, smear the currant sweet and bring to the oven for half an hour, and we are already ready to enjoy.

 Cherry Pudding 

For this recipe we need cherry sweet to taste, two cups of leavening flour, one egg, 750 milliliters of milk, a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla essence and half a cup of oil.

We start beating the egg with the milk, sugar, oil and vanilla essence until the mixture is foamy.

Once the mixer does its own thing and the mixture is foamy, add the flour and begin to stir with a spoon until joining it to the rest of the ingredients and then beat again.

We place half the preparation, in the middle, the cherry sweet to taste and again throw out the rest of the mixture to cook over moderate heat for a little more than half an hour.

 Strawberry sweet 

We close with a rich strawberry sweet.

It is worth the redundancy, for this preparation we need a kilo of strawberries, 750 grams of sugar and half a lemon.

After washing and removing the cabitos from the strawberries, place them in a container in layers sprinkling the sugar. Then we sprinkle them with lemon juice and let them macerate for at least two hours.

After that time, we put on moderate/strong fire and, breaking the boil, lower the flame so that cooking continues. When the preparation begins to thicken, we solve it continuously until cooking is finished.

How do we realize? You have to be attentive because strawberry candy is cooked fast. That's why we're going to notice the bright and bright red color. While it is hot, we place the candy in clean jars and close only when it is cold.

Now, we've got everything ready.

Recipes with fine fruit to try alone or to share with family or friends. Which one did you like the most?

Publication Date: 06/12/2020

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