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The two best ways to brew iced tea

Brewing tea for ice cream is much easier than you think.

Brewing tea for ice cream is much easier than you think. Right here I leave you two ways to rehearse at home. 1) Traditional  Heat the water, brew the tea and let it cool. Nothing else! If you're in a hurry, faint him on some ice. The problem is that it changes the taste, so I suggest taking caution to make it very concentrated so that it does not dilute as much as it falls on the ice. 2) My favorite  This recipe respects the taste and spirit of tea, as well as being super easy. It just takes a little more time. You have to do everything with cold water. Yeah, you read it right! Cold water. Bring a litre of natural filter water and 10 bags (or teaspoons if you use loose). Leave the jar with the contents in the refrigerator for 24 hours and ready. The next day, colas and babies. Being so concentrated, you can use imagination to complete the recipe: add another juice, soda, or any drink you like. It is also ideal for making drinks. Once you try it, you're definitely going to adopt it. Prepare it and contaminate! Until the next infusion.
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