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The tea party

Argentines love popular festivals. We love them so much that we have parties for everything!

Fiesta nacional del té

Argentines love  popular festivals . We love them so much that we have parties for everything! For fried cake, Welsh cake, dry chorizo, collectivities and tooodas your meals, milk mate!... and, obviously, also the National Festivities of Mate and del te! :)

Many Argentine families, or immigrants living here for years, are working seriously to achieve the best expression of the terroir. We are tierra de te and Argentinean te is recognized worldwide for its vibrant color and soft taste.


The National Tea Festival is done in Campo Viera,  Misiones ; a beautiful province that gives us all drink! Much of its surface is planted with yerba and tea plants. It is done in April, at the beginning of autumn, when the annual collection work is completed. Because the work is seasonal (it is harvested from spring until barely into autumn).

The National Tea Festival 2018 had the presence of many small family producers, selling tea blends and pastry with tea, teaching schools of oriental ceremonies and even a live sample of the harvest and brewing cycle! As in all national holiday, there is no lack of music and a gala night with the choice of the  queen .

It is no accident that Misiones celebrates tea

We already tell what is the venue for the National Tea Festival, but why in Misiones and not in another province? The answer is very logical and even predictable: at the country level, Misiones concentrates 95% of Camellia sinensis cultivation and with this plant produces different varieties of tea (black, green and red) that are marketed in bulk, in sachets and in strands. In Argentina, there are 39,800 hectares of tea, of which nearly 38,000 are found in the province of Misiones. With this information, there is no further doubt why the province won the right to organize the holiday. And it is not just about the product itself, such events are attractive, too, for tourism and officiate stained glass to show the novelties of the industry. This allows to advertise and attract potential investments, buyers, workers and everything related to tea production.

Tea sommeliers  , a new specialization

Thanks to the popularity that the drink is drinking, every year more people are interested, there are more and more professionals (yes, there are places for formal studies about tea), so that the holiday is growing in quality of offered proposals and in number of assistants.Luckily, there is more and more tea! And since there is more tea, careers or related specializations are becoming relevant, they become known, they open doors. Among them, the tea  sommelier  . What is it about? It is a career in the gastronomic service area in which the professional is an expert in tea, but not only in infusion. In addition to knowing in depth the product with its varieties, appellations of origin, industry processes, etc. It is also necessary to study what is related to history,  ceremonies  and culture linked to tea, its preparation and tea. oacute; n and, of course, how to serve it. A prestigious tea house or a category hotel would boast of having among its employees a tea  sommelier  .

A little wake-up call

It seems odd to say this, but lately it is seen that celebrations look a lot like each other and hardly offer various food stalls, sale of imported baubles and music recitals... And the summoning product? Well, thank you...

It can be followed by social networks, where they announce the schedule of daily activities. Next year, don't miss it!

Publication Date: 15/05/2018

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