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Nebula, a vineyard in the sky

A nebula of pleasure, wines and gourmet proposals. Thus can be described this gastronomic paradise that is very high in the sky.


In a 9-hectare field  between Villa Giardino and La Cumbre,  the Nébula vineyard sits in the town of Santa Cecilia. This family project began in 2015 with  three brothers passionate about wine.  Its vineyards are constantly developing and feature wines of  their own production.   In its vines are planted strains of  Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer,  a variety of white grapes of German origin.  All this is enjoyed  with incredible postcards that give away your  sunrises and sunsets.  As well as at dusk, which together with the mountains create a beautiful  panoramic view of this corner of the Punilla Valley.  

Family paradise, regional power

In addition, its owners are in charge of combining the experiences of  flavors with musical experiences  and live shows. That's why Nebula is  a new world in the middle of La Cumbre.   High in the sky, this post offers unique experiences that are planned in every detail. The project belongs to  Juan Towers, 34,  better known as Sean. This young man studied agronomy and  traveled the world to make and taste wines . Loving to taste and  watch with attention  the  production processes , he toured the planet pursuing a dream.

Harvesting dreams

When his mother died, he inherited with his sisters a  camp in Santa Cecilia.   And this was the initial kick that brought him closer to his goal. They started a  magical, ambitious and innovative project:   planting grapes to build a winery.   In 2013, the idea started and in 2015 they started planting.  In the middle of the Mediterranean province , the project generated doubts. However, these young and talented brothers  sowed everything!  Sean, Virginia and Victoria started working together to achieve this. And while they watch over the wand of the grapes, which already had their beautiful crops, they call on friends, family and the general public to  live almost mystical experiences  among the vineyards .  

Grapes with tonada?

The ground of La Cumbre well Cordobés, stands out for being  at the foot of the mountain ranges.     That's why in 30 meters everything changes on the ground. To the west of the posta, it is pure calcareous, 100 meters further south again very calcareous and in the middle  a divine fertile vallecito, without stone, deep and very rich in organic matter.  All that in 150 meters. It varies greatly and is noticeable in plants, this causes within the same row to change the growth.   ” says engineer Sean.

More than wine

While waiting for the harvest, they began to establish a relationship with different foodtrucks that joined the proposal,  accompanying tastings .  Nébula is currently a space where music, good food, wine from this and other wineries  in Cordoba as well as beer and other drinks accompany a unique landscape with a special wave.   From the mountains where  this gastronomic post  is located you can see the sunset among the vines and with the warmth of its people,  the experience becomes unforgettable.  

To visit Nebula, you have to be attentive to its  various special events :  sunset parties, live music, tastings and tastings directed for groups,  some options of the vineyard . Also, it is chosen for birthday parties , weddings and business retreats.  Many times, they bring artists of different genres , rock bands, outstanding artists and tribute bands that give a unique touch to the Nebula experience.

The vineyard is becoming a  must-see pole . And more and more Cordobeses and foreign tourists are betting to live this experience.

Publication Date: 16/02/2021

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