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The pride of Santafesina gastronomy

I'm sure you know many recipes from the famous pastry chef Osvaldo Gross. What you may not know is that it is a pride of the province of Santa Fe.


The tradition of ricuras that can be eaten in the area of Santa Fe founded by Central European immigrantsis famous. Thus, it was no coincidence that one of the geniuses of our country has emerged from there. Osvaldo Gross is proud of the small Santafesina town of Esperanza.

Gross's ancestry, who is the youngest of three male brothers, is Piedmontese and Austrian. On weekends, his family gathered to eat with friends. or neighbors. Osvaldo preferred pastry rather than salty food, so he went to his neighbor's house to help her with desserts. He said that they opened, at random, Doña Petrona's bookand chose one of their masterful recipes to treat the diners. This is how this master pastry chef's relationship with sweets began.

After studying at La Plata, it was in 1988 that he began to formalize his passion for cooking. He studied with Francis Mallmann, Alicia Berger and Pelusa Molina and, already in the pastry shop, traveled to France, Germany, the United States and Italy. With this elite education, his most outstanding work was in the pastry shop of one of the most important hotel chains on the planet. They spent many years traveling to resorts around the world, based in Buenos Aires.

With such a resume in a short time, Esperanza's pride soon came to the TV. Already in 1992 it began to integrate various cycles and, therefore, was publishing articles in the main Argentine newspapers.

Today, he serves as a jury in competitions national and international confectionery.

Recently, the Senate of the province of Santa Fe awarded him a distinction.

Did talking about the pride of the Santafesina pastry make you hungry? Take advantage of it and wear it with a recipe for Osvaldo Gross: click here.

Osvaldo Gross

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Publication Date: 20/05/2020

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