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The road of the loin in Mendoza

It is not a typical Mendocino dish, but the loin served in Mendoza is top notch. We leave you the top 5 of the best.


The concept could be reduced to a chub of meat between two loaves. However, a loin is much more than that.  The type of meat, the cooking point, the  ingredients  that accompany it, the seasonings and the bread. All these elements make each spine completely different from another. 

Mendoza offers a huge variety of restaurants that serve the most desired loins. Many customers are married to one in particular. Others open the game to try different things.  Love, I hate. This is how   fanaticism   for the loins is lived in Mendoza.  Therefore, when you come to our province, it would be appropriate to visit, at least, one of the following 5 options:

 1. The Dawn 

It is located on Calle Perú, in the  City of Mendoza .  The place was inaugurated in the 1980s and has not changed much in terms of its façade and infrastructure.  Canteen look, with spout chairs, granite floor and wooden bar. The classic loin with vegetables,  egg with llema without frying (which drips inside the sandwich)  and toasted French bread are served.It also stands out for its chickens with fries.

 2. Balzac 

A classic from the department of Guaymallén. Currently, it is located on Sarmiento street in that town, although it was previously located in another area.  Its finite-cut fries are a distinctive element. It offers the loin in various types of breads, but the most recommended is the homemade.  Homemade mayonnaise with a lot of seasoning is also unique, although not entirely accepted. The place is an old house, with its rooms set as a restaurant, although without too much decoration.

 3.  Barloa 

A real classic. It is a rich and cheap loin, although not entirely filler. The most angurrient ones buy two, just in doubt.  There's no egg or lettuce here. The sandwich consists of bread, and homemade mayonnaise and ketchup . But this is a unique homemade mayonnaise, with secret formula. It is located on San Martín street, in the department of  Las Heras . Plastics and wooden structures serve as a guard for tables on the sidewalk. The appearance is canteen and without too many health conditions. But the taste is irresistible.

 4. Ya Ce 

In the Uco Valley,  in Tunuyán. On route 40 which, in its passage through that apartment, is called San Martín street.  Appearance of lomitería, canteen. Clean, but without too much design. Enough to sit down and enjoy their  loins . Sufficient size, with toast and exquisite meat. A classic for neighbors, but also for tourists. On route 40 and passing through Tunuyan, Ya Ce is a must stop.

 5. Del Monte 

New, but classic. He quickly knew how to get into the palate of the Mendoza. It has two branches, one  in Guaymallén and the other in  Chacras de Coria  . While the subject of tastes is something totally personal, many consider these to be the best loins in Mendoza.  The concept to share is the premise of the place . The loins are large and are offered to enjoy with one or two more diners: Criollo, Del Monte, Classic or Cheddar. Those are the options we can choose. Potatoes are also a classic. They are served rustic and with exquisite mayonnaise. In addition, it should be clarified that all loins are served with potatoes, directly.

You know the best places to eat loin in Mendoza. Suitable for all tastes and pockets. Some, closer, others farther. It is a matter of making the decision and making the time to go to one of these places and enjoy what  has already been transformed into a typical Mendoza meal.  

Publication Date: 28/08/2020

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