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El Papagayo: the narrowest restaurant on the planet

We tell you all about this mountain and gastronomic post that invites us to live an incredible experience in the province of fernet and la birra.

El Papagayo

 This is an innovative gastronomic proposal,  El Papagayo is a superlative restaurant. This  gourmet corner  is located in a small and mysterious corridor,  in the heart of the city  of Córdoba, a place where  the best things about    gastronomy happen local.   His team is composed of baristas,  sommeliers , as well as his outstanding chef, among other services that make this gastronomic post  among the best in the country. 

The narrowest, the most precious

This place works in a  close relationship with local producers and artisans.  El Papagayo is a cuisine of unique and happy moments. It is a space that  from its architecture and interior design   makes a clear difference  with other proposals. The subtract is 2.30 wide by  36 meters long.   It was an  old corridor of servitude  between the mansions of an apple that preserves brick walls  dating from 1870  . An experience never lived before. Every detail, from design, tableware, ambient music and flavors, generate  a very special microclimate.   Set with selected works of art  and a well-accomplished general aesthetic , it becomes  a must-see poste.  

In the words of the chef

  “ El Papagayo was born more than five years ago,  before settling in Azur Real. In a talk with architect Ernesto Bedmar, in Singapore, he told me that he had   a somewhat strange property  in the heart of Córdoba.   This space began to take shape as they see it today,”  says Javier, chef and head of space. A color fact: Dwell (an architecture and design portal in San Francisco, USA) chose El Papagayo as  one of the 13 best-designed restaurants in the world.  

 “ We entrusted some works to artists and from that we generated a  relationship with them and other people in the art world.  And if you ask me what the secret is, I say that in addition to good planning in  everything that is done in the restaurant , something very important is to work with people from other areas, because they give you  a a different view of things,” says   the head of the project.

The Parrot 2

Who is that man?

 The team captain is chef Javier Rodríguez , a young and talented entrepreneur who worked in many of the best restaurants in the world. He finished training abroad and today is in charge of  this novel proposal , located in a unique architectural space, surrounded by unique works of art and  overflowing gourmet passion.  

Original flavors

Rodríguez's cuisine stands out for the  textures, colors and flavors  achieved in his dishes, and they are changing day by day. “ For now we focus on the product and on  combining them in an original way.   We always start from a main element and we are looking for others that accompany and provide  textures, color and mainly flavor.  Our dishes are simple, with two or three products per dish is enough, as long as everything is well executed.”  One of the particularities of El Papagayo is that  the chef and his team cook almost everything on a grill and wood-burning oven,  which gives the dishes   particular and original flavors .  

In addition, another factor that distinguishes them in the Cordovan gastronomic market is the  commercialization of a high-end coffee.  At the beginning of the project, they acquired  the best machine and coffee beans on the market.   The team is very fan of this infusion that today, they come to offer to all its customers.  They also make all the bakery and pastry in a homemade way  for breakfast and snack time. While El Papagayo opens doors to the public later,  from five in the morning every day they start the clay oven  to knead and prepare the best delicacies. With a lot of work and dedication they managed to position themselves in the local market. Thus, they became  one of the most coveted proposals  in the province.

Have a meal at this  outstanding Cordovan restaurant!  

Publication Date: 11/02/2021

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By: Clau Pas 11 February, 2021

Quiero conocerlo se ve muy lindo. Y 😍

By: Bianca Ruggia 27 February, 2021

En respuesta a Clau Pas

¡El Papagayo te espera! Gracias por leernos.

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