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The Millennials drink tea

What do the Millennials take? This generation that seems so exclusive and healthy. Among other things, tea. They seem to have discovered all their benefits.


Millennials, comprise an age range between 16 and 36 years.

They are a generation that, when choosing to consume food and drink, are informed through the networks. They are always with the latest news.

They take care of their image, seek to innovate and replace classic drinks with healthy ones. In our case, tea on strands,. Where blends are the most sought after.

The consumption of Iced tea (iced tea), with proper pairing, alone, to quench thirst, is also a favorite of Millennials.

Brunch is the fusion of the English words breakfast and lunch. It is taken between 11 am and 2 pm, approximately. A casual meal, offering a wide variety of flavors and aromas. That, together with hot or cold tea, achieves an exquisite experience.

The tea, carefully selected, shows an enhancement to the pairing. Not forgetting the great benefits it brings to our health.

Millennials are also demanding with price and quality. But it is very important to highlight the loyalty they maintain with the brands that generate pleasure.

Publication Date: 22/10/2019

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By: Juana 26 May, 2020

Interesante los jóvenes su búsqueda por bienestar Los Mayores de 60 también. Nos gustan los Blends con sabores nuevos para nuestras tardes de amigas y noches de compañía con una taza de té

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