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The gastronomic map of mendocino

We leave you a guide on the most delicious dishes in each region of Mendoza. A true gastronomic map to follow to the letter.

gastronomía Mendoza

The hundreds of thousands of visitors we receive year after year choose us by different factors. But one of the most important is the gastronomic. One of the most frequent visitors, in times where change favors them, are Chileans. Neighbors cross the  mountain range  with practically the only goal of eating rich, abundant and cheap. However, the price becomes a little more consistent, and even a little expensive, in the case of Mendoza or Argentineans who arrive in our province. That is why we review the typical dishes of each area.

The first thing that is noteworthy about the gastronomic route of Mendoza is that any place in the province you visit will welcome you with the best wines in the country.  The characteristic drink of a region is an irreplaceable part of the dining experience and enhances cooking and pairings by serving a dish. But, in addition,  since 2005 Mendoza entered the global network of the Great Wine Capitals, and the boost of wine tourism gave great growth to gastronomy as well. 

Framed by the beauty of the vineyards or reached by the city, more than a hundred Mendoza wineries open their doors to tourism with tastings, art and culture,  bike  rides and horseback riding among vineyards, accommodation in themed inns and spas, in search of offering a unique experience.


Based on its statistics and 127 million traveler reviews, built a ranking to highlight the best considered destinations based on its gastronomy.  In the top 5 cities highlighted by gastronomy in Argentina, Mendoza is in second position after Buenos Aires , and before Mar del Plata, Salta and  Villa General Belgrano .

 Position by post 

Depending on the area of Mendoza you choose to visit, you will find dishes that are the best in Cuyo.  In Lavalle, for example, you will find typical Creole stalls with their ramades and goat corrals, where palates invade exquisite regional meals based on a fire cooker in clay ovens such as the   asado chivito , stews such as chanfaina, locros, meat to the pot or empanadas.

In the  Uco Valley , you  can not only have the most exquisite wines , but  also taste the best meats and desserts such as roasted apples or malbec pears. 

 In Maipú you can still get the famous sajadas olives of Mendoza,  a delicatesen that foreign and locals enjoy when visiting this apartment. Throughout the eastern Mendoza, the production of olives and olive oil is highlighted by its quality and flavor.

In  Gran Mendoza  there are not only top-notch restaurants with the best wines, but there are also places  distinguished by its simplicity and its unparalleled flavors: small pulperías bars where they serve the best milanese, empanadas or loins, emblematic places that serve the best milanese, empanadas or loins, emblematic places that mendocinos love to visit and that comply with the rule of the 3 b: they are good, beautiful and cheap. 

In the south of the province it is unalaltable to taste meat on the mass of  malargüinos stalls.  Its goat to the llamas and the exquisite trout make southern Mendoza a must when it comes to thinking about a good gastronomic trip.

Specialists agree that the gastronomic identity of Mendoza is defined by foods such as meat to the pot (and also to the dough), humita, traditional Mendoza empanadas (which carry more onions than those of other provinces) and the infaltable tomatican (a nourished stew that combines tomato, onion, bread, paprika, eggs and oregano), dishes that are found in any tourist area of the province.

Publication Date: 21/11/2020

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