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The exquisite orange soda

Orange soda is exquisite not only for its taste and aptetitosity to the eye. It's going to make you look like a king.


This drink is for when you want to rock and show off crazy. Because it's a little exotic in terms of ingredients. Easy to prepare. Oh, rich. Refreshing orange soda. That's gonna make you look like a king.

Method: Shake

Ice: rocks

Glass: Long Swallow

Decoration: Persimmon slice


50 ml of Tanqueray gin (or similar)

100 ml of persimmon juice

15 ml of bergamot syrup


In a shaker whisk the ingredients, strain into a long drink glass filled with ice and garnish with two slices of fresh persimmon.

Bergamot syrup
Place in a saucepan 500 ml of bergamot juice together with a liter of water and 200 grams of sugar. Cook over medium heat for thirty minutes, strain and store in the refrigerator.

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Publication Date: 30/04/2020

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