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The exquisite buns with Rufino cream

In Rufino, to the south of Santafesino, a baker has been preparing these buns for almost half a century.

 bollitos con crema de Rufino 

I admit that I have told little about what I have been writing for  Ser Argentino about the city of Rufino.   It is an outstanding debt, because it is an important town in the south provincial that gave personalities such as the riverplatense idol Bernabé Ferreyra. “El Mortero de Rufino” is almost a legend but, more here in time,  one of the best Argentine tennis players in history was born here: Guillermo Coria

Anyway, until I can practice the well-deserved reparation, I managed to rescue a nice pastry story coming from the good of Rufino.  There's a gentleman in the city who is an institution. It's the baker Miguel Ameri.   For more than 40 years, she has made some cramped buns that are famous throughout the area.

Miguel began working from the age of 12 on economic issues , to improve and collaborate in his home, where they lived: mom, dad and six brothers. That job, being a baker, was his first and only trade that, until today, he carries with his wife Griselda Torres.  They are already about 50 years in the profession of baker , which is the breadwinner of his family.
This recipe is one of the favorites of marriage. And not only from them, but of all the people. To such an extent, this preparation has high prestige and preference in the city. Although the production is mass, you will already observe the quantity, it is done in your own bakery, and it is also tasted on special dates, such as the day of the Virgin of Our Lady of Mercy and, also, for family invitations. It was Miguel's granddaughter, Jésica Santillán, who decided to make these buns known outside Rufino. Let's see who dare to prepare them.


Flour, yeast, water, margarine, eggs, sugar, milk, lemon and vanilla essences.


Go the recipe (500 units).
1- the most important thing, to start, is that the buns are made with sourdough. Yeast (60g in summer,100 in winter) is mixed together with warm water (1/2 liter of pure mineral water).
2- This should be fermented, rise about 20 minutes. Then it is mixed with the 15 kilos of flour, in turn the 3 kilos of sugar will be added in the kneader, add 2 and a half kilos of margarine and 45 eggs, while the machine continues its course it  will be necessary to taste it with lemon and vanilla essence  each one half a liter. In total, the dough needs an hour of constant movement to achieve the integration of all the ingredients and is allowed to stand at least 24 hours in the freezer to be used, thus achieving the firmness necessary to master it.
3- The dough is removed from the freezer and cut into 10 cm long canes with knife and begin to make buns manually (place a little dough and start with round movements until a ball is achieved). It is cooked in a wood-fired oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.
4- Mix 100 g white sugar and 1 kilo of flour 0000 and meanwhile bring to a boil a liter of ordinary milk,  then add the solid ingredients in the mixer, with a spoon . Finally, 5 already beaten eggs are added. It is cooked 5 minutes more and you get a cream, it will allow decoration, you can also use sugar impalpable to taste.
This last step corresponds to the  decoration made with a plastic sleeve  and obtaining an amount of pastry cream for 50 buns approximately.

Publication Date: 25/04/2021

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