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The mazamorra, you know...

How little do we Argentines eat mazamorra! But how rich he is. And, on top, a santafesina recipe also shows you that it is easy to make.

It's funny what happens to us Argentines with the mazamorra. We all, more or less, know what it is . We know that because, when we're kids, or when we have children, we remember her in the acts of every  May 25th.  But the truth is that few can claim that they eat it frequently. Even a lot of people haven't even tried it. And that is a dessert or snack very simple to prepare. In that sense, the mazamorra ran a lot different from that of his brother  el locro . The latter, stew whose preparation is quite complex, is eaten often for national holidays. The mazamorra  was quite forgotten. With how rich, easy and nutritious it is.  

Nobility obliges: in northwestern Argentina, so healthily different from the rest of the country, it is found much more often. But what I didn't know, until I started investigating, is that  in some parts of the province of Santa Fe they do know how to make a very rich mazamorra . Such is the case of some families in the north of Santa Fe, for example in the ever-attractive Villa Ocampo. Yes. In that area blessed by the beautiful  Jaukanigaas wetland, there is a mazamorra recipe that is usually applied to desktops or games evenings.

The mazamorra has an origin that is not Creole. That is, it does not come from the mixture between native peoples and Spanish conquistadors. Apparently, it is 100% native to the pre-Columbian era. We already know that corn, the basic ingredient of this preparation, is good, well American. It was consumed in our country until the beginning of the 20th century . With the arrival of the European immigration current, its consumption was diminishing  and that dish was moved by new ones that were incorporated into Argentine gastronomy.



 It is the bread of the poor 

“La mazamorra, you know, is the bread of the poor,” tells us the beautiful song by  Peteco  Carabajal. I learned it at school as a kid. Probably you too. Just now I realize how easy you can eat something nutritious. And, most importantly, without spending a lot of money.  How nice it would be to recover so many lost Argentine customs.  From there, we can start with something as simple as preparing a mazamorra for snack.

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