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Johnny's Cordovan stew

And yes, son! For this winter there is no better stew than Cordovan stew. The perfect recipe is the one that shows us the Johnny of May 1st.


You heard about   the perfect appointment in Córdoba   -No? In these   lands of the fernet,   the birra, but above all things   of stew and laughter,   there was a viral. This video was a kind of interview that a reporter of the   cordovan channel xDxT   i was doing it to the fans of   Workshops   . In the middle of the euphoria, the desire to shout a goal, flags and t-shirts, the slogan was: “What are you preparing for him   to eat on your date   Romantic? ”. Without hesitation,   Johnny from May 1, replied, “Boñitos noodle stew.”  

That's where a thousand videos came up,   memes   , and the phrase   “stew e 'noodo' moñito”   was impregnated in   the everyday lexicon.   Of course, Johnny's stew was like   bedside recipe in every Cordovan family home.   So between interviews and a stroke of fame, Johnny and his family opened the doors of their house to the media. Johnny became the   “Maru Botana” Cordovan.   Two years after the viral, his recipe remains at the top of the   ranking of recipes   Cordoba.

  Johnny's recipe, it's something like this:  


  • Moñito noodles
  • Tomato puree
  • Ground Meat
  • Onion
  • Salt and pepper
  • Cheesito for grating

The famous noodle stew moñito co   n raiadito quesito   It's not for anyone. It has its   secrets   And the main seasoning is the love you put on it, as Johnny tells us.

  Step by step  

  1. We tear off by peeling the onion. We peel it and chop it little girl.
  2. We put some oil into the pot and wait until it is warm
  3. As   is that peels,   throw the onions and add the ground meat.
  4. While the meat and onion are browned, pepper. The white pepper, according to Johnny,   It's going like a horn.   So we're going to listen to him because   He's the expert.   These tips that Johnny gives us give   cordovan stew a flavor   cuckoo pee   .  
  5. When the meat is finished cooking, we add the tomato puree to that mixture.
  6. In parallel we boil water with coarse salt and cook the noodles. They have to be moñito noodles.

  “The recipe can be made by anyone, but the love you put on food, that's different.”   This is the main secret for any meal, according to Cordovan.   as classic as the   Workshops-Belgrano     . That's why Johnny in the neighborhood 1st of May   tastes perfectly     how to cook a stew to suck your fingers.  

More famous than Tinelli

Johnny became famous after that viral, his fame never stopped growing. And all for his love of the Talleres shirt. He tells the media that people on the street greet him, and legend says that, in Córdoba, Johnny de 1º de Mayo   is more famous than   Tinelli   .   Imagine! With its simple, but delicious recipe, he gained thousands of followers. Every time he goes to the court to follow his matador team, people ask for pictures. He,   always with good vibes and predisposition   , it turns on.


After taking a video with the recipe and the   step by step of the moñito noodle stew   Johnny became   reference of the   cordovan kitchen   .   His followers are asking him more and more recipes, and he made a step by step a delight that also   It's going like a horn.     Johnny's creole steak   is unique in its kind. A taste bomb for the heart. Another of its specialties is   chicken risotto.   This dish is cooked for your friends, every time they get together.

  “And yes, son. It goes like a horn,”   are his headlines.

And, you, what do you say? Is that little noodle stew coming out?

Publication Date: 08/07/2020

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