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The chimi is a cordobés

We throw you the tips so that the chimi comes out with cordovan tonada, tasty and unique. To accompany all the meals you want.

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We Cordobeses  are chimichurreros . For a chori to be very original of this land, you can not miss this special chimi recipe. Actually, you can't miss any recipe that is roasted. In Cordoba,  poio, asau   and chori  are eaten with a  good chimichurri .

And if there is no,  it's not asau . And if there isn't, we do it.

That is why it is  very important  to take into account  all the necessary ingredients  . Because, with special Cordovan herbs,  the chimi can not fail . If you order a chori on the costanera (quote from many), ask him to add his special seasoning to it. The choripanero is going to know what it is. It's just that the chori  is Cordovan , but  the secret  of everything  Chegusan  is the chimi. That's why every business puts  its style, its magic, its hint of love to be unique . However, there are some tips and steps to follow that we all use. There are ingredients that can not be missing. And that's why we tell you here.

If you want to surprise the family, with a good seasoning, do not hesitate to prepare this salsite of love, which is  a pump for the palate and a caress for the heart . In Cordoba, if you fall to one with the special chimi, you are loved by everyone. Actually, taking the time to make a chimi, let it rest, and share it, is a  way of saying I love you in Cordovan . The good thing is that it's a vegetarian seasoning. I mean, for everyone, everyone and everything...  if in the roast  they paint the vegetables, the chimi is unconditional. It doesn't fail. For roasted potatoes, for a morroncito or for eggplant. A spoonful of chimi gives the special and gourmet touch to every meal.

 Tips for a chimi bomb: 

What is necessary for a good chimi, is to have a series of seasonings in the cupboard. And, in addition, some fresh aromatic ones, such as parsley.

 The infaltables :

  • Garlic
  • Chopped Parsley
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Ground Chili
  • Pepper Paprika
  • Tomato
  • Oil and Wine Vinegar

Also, try to do it with time. If you know you're eating a little asadito tomorrow, make the chimi today, so I can rest and grab all the gustito.

Keep it in the fridge and in a closed tupper makes your chimi explosive.

 Some tips: 

  • Garlic, parsley (preferably fresh) and tomato have to be crushed into small pieces . All tomato juguito has to be part of the sauce.
  • The ingredients are added one by one, mixing and trying to make a homogeneous preparation.
  • The last step is to add a cup of oil and another of wine vinegar. To  let it stand for at least 24 hours .

It is very important to ensure that all ingredients are well mixed and integrated. The amount of each ingredient is at ease, and depends very much on the event in which it is going to be used. The Cordobeses, when we make chimi,  we mutine , and make big jars. Since it is a  seasoning that does not expire  and that, with the passage of days, it becomes tastier.

 Do you encourage you to make a Cordobé chimi? 

Publication Date: 26/03/2020

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