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The charm of elegance

I present a very sophisticated grape variety that gives rise to a romantic Pinot Noir.


Today we speak of the  Uco Valley  as one of the outstanding ones in the production of grapes for the elaboration of quality wines. And this is due to several factors that combine history, climate and terroir.

The Valley owes its name to Uco, an Indian chieftain of the Huarpes tribe, who inhabited the area for centuries until the arrival of the  Incas  from Peru. Then came the Jesuits who would found it in 1658 with the same name. And it was these who encouraged the development of the drink they used to celebrate the Eucharist.

For centuries, the wine production of this celebration was  Pinot Noir , which made this drink win in prestige in Christian societies.

Its cultivation is very difficult due to the slow growth and the weather conditions it needs, which are characterized by extremely low temperatures.

Originally from French Burgundy, it is considered to produce some of the most elegant wines in the world, but it is a difficult variety to grow and vinify. Grapes tend to produce tight clusters, which makes it susceptible to risks among which is rot, and requires almost daily maintenance. Its thin skin and low levels of phenolic compounds make pinot noir produce wines with a light colour, medium body and few  tannins .

In  Argentina  it is in full development, although supply is scarce. With 1900 hectares cultivated, the ¾ parts are in  Mendoza , especially in the Uco Valley.

 Bodega Atamisque  is located in the mythical valley in  Tupungato  . In its Premium line, called Catalpa, stands out the Pinot Noir made with grapes from a unique and own vineyard, located at 1300 meters above sea level.

Here they boost the volume of its tannins allowing it to age 12 months in French oak barrels at 50% and in stainless steel tanks the rest. Its roundness is completed with a stowage in the bottle 12 months prior to its sale.

In view, it is light red with shades ranging from tile to violet. Aromatically it offers fresh fruits such as cherries and  strawberries . Unfolds earthy, mineral and mushroom notes. However, it is in the mouth where a good Pinot Noir is recognized: it is smooth, delicate and soft in its gait, it stands out for the intensity of the taste and its lightness of passage, as if it were a white with flavor and red color.

This Pinot Noir combines well with a wide range of foods, both light, sauces and even with spicy foods.

Considered the most sophisticated grape variety, Pinot Noir has been described as “the most romantic wine, as voluptuous as a perfume, so sweet and sharp, and so shocking and powerful that, like love, makes warm blood and soul wax run poetically.”

Publication Date: 24/10/2019

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