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The best yellow is in Santa Fe

Yellow is an emblem fish of the coastal area of Santa Fe. Meet an exquisite way to taste it.


Santa Fe has rightfully won the title of “Paradise of Fishing”. With a rich icticultural fauna composed of numerous species of great size and renowned delicacy of its meats, fishing is always a good plan in Santa Fe. This activity is  one of the main attractions in the area that welcomes many tourists  who love the discipline. Moreover, of course, many Santafesinos live on fishing that is carried out for commercial purposes. The most important species in our region are: Armed, Boga, Dorado, Pejerrey, Moncholo, Patí, Painted Surubí, Mandubé and Shad. And there is a very particular catfish, which is found in large quantities between Helvecia and Cayasta: the yellow

All this coastal area receives, throughout the year, the arrival of  fishermen from all over the country who come in search  of their precious yellows.

While this fish does not have the sporting attributes of other big fish, it often attracts the attention of fans for its good meat, its active fishing, and the numerous shoals found in the lagoons and streams of Helvecia. Yellow  is a kind that likes several baits.   The most used in the area is the shad triper, they are also added to their list of hen tripero, worms, shad post, mojarras and colluditas (small brunettes), so wearing a variety of baits will also help  get piques.  

Because of its undoubtedly great presence in the area, yellow  has its well-deserved holiday in July . This theme gives for a whole note, which you will soon find in the section of traditions.

 From where they best prepare it 

A Ser Argentino came to us a yellow recipe by Don Medina. That's how simple he is known in Cayastá. Don Medina. He's one of so many that gets up early before the sun rises to bring the yellows home. To eat and to have an income.  In Cayastá , of course, yellow is the traditional food.  Don Medina says that on weekends  “we have more work, which is when the groups of friends of the city arrive fishing. And we guide them and sometimes we rent them our boats, rods. We also cook them, what they fish, and that makes us always be away from home...   That's why we go out looking for these fish that are from this area and they are fried to store our boys . If they are not well cleaned and fry them in the day our ladies, or the same kids already know how to do it. Here you learn to walk and fish at the same time. Fish are our source of food always. They are cleaned well, can overflow or not, and thrown into the oil well hot. This fish is without flake, only the thorns are taken out already when they are on the cardboard, because the most tasty is to eat it on the cardboard, the board...” 

 Ingredients:  a yellow, flour, fine salt, black pepper


Wash a yellow and cut it into thick poles. Put flour in a bowl, add fine salt and black pepper, mix well. Bouncing the fish.

Heat well in a saucepan oil or fat, fry there the fish in small quantities so that the temperature of the frying does not drop sharply.

Another option is to batter the fish only with flour and pepper. Mix well a kilo of coarse salt in five liters of water and lemon . Once the fish is golden brown, pass it through the salt die hot and serve.

Publication Date: 28/01/2021

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