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The fan is the real winner who let, this time, three big ones pass to the final.

The final is already throbbing. Part of Ser Argentino also involves a passion for football. At this point, I can think of a winner. But not in a team, in the fan who suffers it. On Saturday, around 7 p.m., there will be a victorious one. That one who during the week was in charge of setting up the ritual so that nothing is missing at the time of the match. Of course, because of the timetable, perhaps, it will feed some greens. But when the referee of the final whistle and the team lends itself to the festivities, the hullabaloo will take him out of the armchair, and from the fridge he will take an Alyda Van Salentein Brut Nature, which he carefully chose for the occasion, and in a stampede he will gush out a typical blend of French champagne. Fresh, fine bubble and persistent, kind, slightly fruity and balanced. Ecstasy will give way to serenity and when your heart quiets you will be ready to make the fire of the roast. We all know the importance of waiting for it and feeding it with the gaze that is nourished by chatting with friends. For the occasion, he chose a "salteñito" of stock, usually southern. A Pinot Noir Colomé Special Lot 2015 elaborated where the sky joins the mountain. Wine of abundant red fruit, fresh and of good body, with good tannic structure and long persistence, as the love for his club. The night will open and, happy for the triumph, they will serve dinner on the rustic tables framed by a 2016 Malbec from the Las Compuertas Project. A red wine with five different soil profiles that shows the traditional side of the terroir with modern touches. Fresh and compact in the mouth, with firm and dense tannins and herbaceous and earthy touches. Very expressive and with a refreshing finish. Necessary for so much tension lived. The fan is the real winner who let, this time, three big ones pass to the final.

Publication Date: 23/11/2018

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