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The best quince is tested in San Juan

San Juan turned the production of quince sweet into a culinary tradition. Its elaboration is unique throughout Argentina.

dulce de  membrillo

 San Juan  has a varied gastronomic proposal  for those who wish to visit it. Among all its food stands out the  blond quince , which over time became a  fruit of Sanjuanina identity . With it you can prepare a large number of desserts such as sapaipillas and jachalleras tortillas, which are a real delight when it comes to taking mate. In this note we tell you everything you need to know about one of the   star products  of the province. 

The blond quince is grown in the area of Jáchal, although in total San Juan has 400 hectares destined for planting. It is watered more than 300 days a year with melting water from the Andes Mountains, which gives it its own seal that distinguishes it from traditional quince, whose shell is darker and not yellow. But not only that, moreover, it has a different taste, it is more acidic and should ripen on the tree.

The geographical area of San Juan is an oasis for quince plants. One of the main features of sanjuanino quince is its unmistakable uniform “blond” color, as well as its soft and firm texture to the touch with the palate. Both its sweetness and acidity should be balanced and it is recommended not to eat it raw.

 Quince sweet became a vital part of the development of the province. Perform it is part of the  culinary tradition  of the Sanjuaninos because, although there are companies dedicated to it, there are numerous medium or small  enterprises  that are dedicated to manufacturing it by placing their products in the local market.

This was possible because many families learned the procedure for sweet brewing.  Thus, under ancestral or even innovative recipes, is that this food acquires an excellent quality and becomes a regional meal that is offered in a wide variety to all tourists visiting San Juan.

Over the last few years the provincial government sought to encourage local producers to learn the techniques and to make sweet. In this way it was sought that they can acquire a way of generating income through their sale or making characteristic dishes.

The importance of the quince plant hides more than production and sale.  The product has a unique uniqueness that Sanjuaninos appreciate for the experiences they lived in their childhood.  That is, recognition in family cuisine, in shops as part of everyday life. For this reason, it was also achieved that it acquired a territorial identity that promotes the importance of preserving it and promoting it to consumers.

Quince and its benefits...

It is a food  low in sugars and therefore with very few calories . In addition, it is very rich in fibers, so it prevents any gastrointestinal disorders due to its high content in pectinia and mucilages and tannins. These substances give you  excellent benefits when it comes to ingesting it.  In turn, it can be used as a home remedy when a person is decomposed, as it prevents dehydration and, in turn, enhances the purative action of the liver.

It is a great ally of hair and skin, as it  contains provitamin A and also potassium, which allows to strengthen the functioning of muscles  and nerve transmissions. It also has calcium and magnesium that help strengthen bone.

Publication Date: 26/11/2020

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