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The Battle of Winter

When it comes to food, Argentines take it seriously. What is the best dish of winter?

La batalla

If it is about taking extreme positions, Argentines always give the present. Any question warrants a battle to the death, with exacerbated fanatics on both sides. When we have to take a side, we take things very hard. And, when it comes to culinary issues, our heart (and our stomach), loving good eating, goes crazy. With  the winter season ,  meals  become more forceful and caloric. A  warm dish  waiting for us when we arrive cold is a dream come true.  But which one of those dishes beats everyone? 

Recently, in  La Peña de Morfi , on Telefé, they launched a controversial polemic among viewers.  “ What is the great Argentinian dish of winter?“,  the plaque prayed. While people voted, three of the   chefs  on the show  raised their flag and prepared their version of each of the three dishes that fought for the first place.

 Santiago Giorgini  played for the team a classic of the classics: the lentil stew.  Against the cold, there are few weapons as effective as a stew with everything. On our site, you can find different recipes with many versions of this dish: classic, with black  pudding , inside a pumpkin, healthy, vegetarian. Anyway, lentil stew is undoubtedly one of the most requested Argentine dishes in the winter.

Defending the  polenta with stew  was  Rodrigo Cascon  . Economical, rich and filling, polenta is a noble dish, somewhat bastard at times. A hydrate pump that, accompanied by a good stew with meat, also provides its share of protein. If it is very cold, it is impossible not to get warm with this food.

 Chantal Abad  had in his hands the honor of representing the  potato cake  . Absolute love. Potato, meat, vegetables and even cheese. It's a dish that combines everything that's okay. Impossible not to be tempted by watching your recipe.

 And the winner is... 

The vote was fought and quickly fell between two favorites: the lentil stew and the potato cake. The polenta, unfortunately, was out of competition very quickly. For most of the program that  Gerardo Rozín conducts, the  stew  was leading. However, at the last minute,  the cake gave the final batacazo and took the first place.  

 The results? 

  • Potato Cake, 41.7%

  • Lentil Stew, 38.7%

  • Polenta with Stew, 19.5%

What is your favorite dish for the winter?

Publication Date: 24/07/2020

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