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The authentic minced santafesina

I don't know if we invented it, but that the minced santafesina has specific characteristics, is indisputable. Look what they are.


It would be quite chanta if I pretended to say that eating a bite is a Santafesino invention . I mean, in one of those, some historian starts to investigate and discovers that, in fact, the bite was invented here in Santa Fe. But that is not the purpose of this note. What I want to tell you is that in Santa Fe we have a special kind of bite that marks, unequivocally, our brewing habit. Let's talk about the minced santafesina.

When you order a bite, anywhere in the country, you can come across very rich things like empanaditas, lupines, pickles, casseroles ... all very rich . But the minced santafesina is restricted to five main ingredients: meat milanese, french fries, salami milan, cooked ham and pategrás cheese. This combo is accompanied, necessarily, by a cold beer, preferably smooth. We show you how to put it together.

Minced santafesina

  • Composed of milanese meat, french fries, salami milan, cooked ham, pategrás cheese
  • The french fries should be on sticks Finite, McCain type. The rustic potato, so fashionable, comes out of
  • the traditional minced Milanese must be beef, as far as possible, buttock. Cut it into small squares.
  • Cheese and ham should be cut into cubes.
  • Salami milan, cut into slices.
  • Serve on a table made of wood.
  • Always accompany with a tray with bread.
  • The mince is completed with well cold smooth. If you don't get a beer out there, it could be an ice dope .

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Publication Date: 17/05/2020

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