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The arena as protagonist

A Bonarda, at its best, of a very particular terroir.

Familia Blanco

Talking about terroirs is almost a habituality, but when thinking about the construction of a wine it is necessary to do it from it. The soil is the soul of wine and as such, it is its origin in an undisputed way.

The analysis of the components of them and their characteristics, reveal the character that the grapes will take and what they will then deliver in the bottle.

The vine needs poor, loose soil with good drainage. It is a plant that must fight for its survival, strive (to a fair extent) and work to get water. Otherwise, it would become an excess of vigor, with very large grapes and their internal compounds diluted, resulting in dusty and bland wines. Soil should have a fair balance between salinity and acidity. The too much of either would not be tolerated by the plant.

The soils that are located in the Alta de Ugarteche area in the department of Luján de Cuyo, with an average altitude of 1000 m.a.s.l., in Mendoza Argentina, are extreme sandy and with a microclimate of special characteristics due to the great thermal amplitude, good average temperatures for maturation, low rainfall and important slopes that favor sunstroke and make these lands an excellent place for growing the vine.

Sandy soil can deliver bright, aromatic and easy to drink wines. They are warmer soils that allow an advanced maturation, obtaining harvests of more regular quality.

With bases laid since the 1980s, the White Family has been involved in the immorable custom of obtaining the best from the land, and it is from 2005 that the winery began that allowed the longing to bring to the bottle all the effort put in the vineyard.
They gave name and face to their production, and thus gave life to Mairena.

Mairena Bonarda Sandy Soil Selection 2014 is the result of a selection of the best plots of vineyards 45 years of age under unfavorable growing conditions due to the thick granulometry of sandy and stony soils. These conditions allow the achievement of a very elegant wine of large body, a remarkable concentration and fruity.

It is a Bonarda with violet colors and reddish reflections. Very aromatic and with a large balsamic profile where ripe red and black fruits are a very subtle complement. There are soft notes of thyme and rosemary, black olives and a menthol tone that provides a persistent freshness.
Slides on the palate with good body and balance. It's expressive. It shows round tannins on his body, something sweet. It has a long ending that leads us to the memory of a very authentic wine.

It is a pure strain Bonarda that accompanied the French oak wood at 50% of its volume for 6 months, where winemakers Rodolfo Minuzzi and Gabriel L. Blanco knew how to mark their mark.

Soil is an element composed of the conjunction of at least five main elements: Mother Rock, Climate, Relief, Living Beings and Time. And the Mairena Bonarda 2014 Sandy Soil Selection has managed to combine them in a unique way.

Publication Date: 29/09/2020

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